Rivers and lakes BEGAN to run – part 3

wowWhere you see a green WOW image, it’s me sharing something that you probably should read 🙂 This post is kinda like a blog within a blog 🙂  Over the MANY months during which I wrote this post, collecting the excitement as it happened…

First… the context… October 21, 2008

You might have read that God gave me a promise that “Lakes and rivers to run again in Australia” and I bravely blogged it on Friday 21 Oct. It is likely that no one outside Australia would know that Aussie was in a once in a 100 years drought and it was sheer disaster. So the promise God was making was absolutely unlikely.

  • Weds 19th Oct, 2008 I received the word while watering my lawn
  • Friday 21 Oct, 2008 I wrote Lakes and rivers to run again in Australia. The rain began overnight!!
  • Nov 9, 2008 – I began this post and decided to collect the action as it happened.


Murray-Darling woes linked to global warming: report

Friday May 2, 2008 – 10:43 EST


The scientists are concerned that the combined effects of the drought and climate change will place even more stress on the ailing river system. The Bureau of Meteorology’s Bertrand Timbal led the study, which looked at historical rainfall records and the 10-year drought.

Neutral rain outlook for southern NSW

Friday October 31, 2008 – 13:20 EDT

The National Climate Centre has released its three month rainfall outlook for the southern New South Wales region and it is not good.


This next image shows the median. A median is an average. Not the highest amount, just the average.

The next map shows the chance/llikelihood of exceeding the median (the average). The highest is only 50% in the Murray River area – so it’s very unlikely to even match or exceed the average!

wowSo with that in mind, we know that there is only a 50% likelihood of matching the average… expectations are low… the amount of water needed to even get through is not expected… let’s see what overnight!

Best rain in months for South Australia

Jessica Trevena, Saturday November 1, 2008 – 20:03 EDT


Moisture over inland SA is reaching its peak, bringing the best rain in over 2 months to some areas today.

Best rain in years over South Australia

Jessica Trevena, Sunday November 2, 2008 – 13:33 EDT


Storms continued overnight, raising totals from yesterday and delivering the best rain in years to parts of the parched southern state.

Rain eases struggle for some central Australians

Friday November 7, 2008 – 16:04 EDT


“This is the best rain we’ve had sort of for the last three years virtually yeah so it’ll get us through Summer anyway,” Ms Fogarty said. She says the remaining cattle are so weak, many have become bogged and will need to be pulled out of the mud. “We’re losing on an average two beasts per day,” he said.


Riyadh: Unexpected Rains Disrupt Normal Life (SAUDI ARABIA!)

Riyadh, Nov 4 – News & Pics by P A Abdul Hameed
Daijiworld Media Network—Riyadh (CN)


After a hot burning summer, winter is knocking at the doors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing with it unexpected, heavy, rainfall, in the capital city. There have also been reports of rain in other parts of the Kingdom, especially Hafer Al Batin, where rain caused massive disturbances and tight spots, as well as light rain in Dammam, and Al Hassa, which come under the purview of the Eastern Province.   The rains on Monday November 3, created havoc in the city with roads in most areas turning waterlogged.

wowNov 9, 2008 – I suddenly began to notice that it had begun to rain in the desert-of-all-deserts, Saudi Arabia!But since it’s their rainy season (about 1-2 days per year) from October onwards, it’s hard to figure out if this is significance.sa_9_nov_2008

What did God mean when He said rain in the desert? Which desert? Or did He mean raininng righteousness and salvations in the spiritual desert of this world? We shall find out I guess?! 🙂

In trying to find this rain map, I discovered that rain is SO rare that weather maps for Saudi didn’t even have a “display rain history” option, which is common for any other country I have looked at. Amazing huh? But yeah, I found one.

Light rain expected to hit western and coastal areas of the UAE (SAUDI ARABIA!)

By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief
Published: November 06, 2008, 14:17


Al Ain: Light rain is expected to hit western and coastal areas of the UAE on Thursday afternoon, said weathermen. Low pressure has been bringing in clouds from Saudi Arabia, capping western and coastal areas of the country, according to an official at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).

Hundreds evacuated as severe floods hit Saudi (SAUDI ARABIA!)

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
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on Friday, 07 November 2008


Heavy rain has caused chaos in many parts of Saudi Arabia, including the evacuation of hundreds of people in Qassim due to severe flooding. About 80 rescue operations took place on Thursday as torrential downpours lashed the kingdom for a second day, causing traffic jams and power cuts.

Rumma Valley flowing east (SAUDI ARABIA!)

Arab News, Saudi Arabia – Nov 8, 2008


BURAIDAH: Wadi Al-Rumma (the Rumma Valley), the Arabian Peninsula’s longest valley, is full of rainwater that has reached Buraidah and is moving 200 km east toward the Asyah region. Hundreds of people received the lake — which had accumulated due to heavy rains that hit central Saudi Arabia last week — with cheers, as water calmly flowed under the bridge of Buraidah’s East Ring Road, leaving the city behind. “It is not clear whether the water will complete its journey to Asyah in the eastern parts of Qassim province or whether it will stop on the eastern outskirts of Buraidah near the town of Al-Rubaieiah. It depends on the amount of rain during the next few days,” said Saleh, an old man who had come to watch the water. The valley’s water had already made its way through the Qassim province passing Al-Bedayea and Onaizah. “If the rain does not stop, the water will surely complete its journey to the northwest of Saudi Arabia as it had done in the past,” said the old man. “It was 20 years ago that I last saw a scene like this.


Welcome Rain in Murray Basin

Paddy Aicken, Saturday November 8, 2008 – 17:27 EDT


Widespread rain across the southeast has brought much need rain to the Murray Darling River. Renmark received 10millimtres which was a welcome addition to the 13 millimetres recorded earlier this week. This means that Renmark has already accrued its highest monthly rainfall in three months. The rain was thanks to a front that crossed the southeast over night causing widespread showers. Another front is forecast to cause showers across the southeast again late next week, possibly causing falls of five toten millimetres again.

wowWhat God had said is that rivers would flow in the desert and lakes in the desert would fill up. He made it clear that when this happens we are to acknowledge it. Now something amazing happens… a real river actually began to run in the desert in the center of Australia!

Todd River flows for first time in years

Brett Dutschke, Sunday November 9, 2008 – 20:38 EDT


Alice Springs residents saw the Todd River flowing for the first time in nearly two years on Saturday. Severe thunderstorms were responsible for the big downpour as a moisture laden low pressure trough crossed central Australia. Alice Springs airport and Undoolya both gained 42mm of rain on Friday while Alice Springs East picked up 35mm, the heaviest rain in the catchment since January 2007. This rain has been helpful to graziers who have been desperate for decent falls.

Goulburn Murray soaks up rain

Monday November 10, 2008 – 12:14 EDT


Most of Victoria’s Goulburn Murray region received good rain at the weekend. Michael Halfpenny from the weather bureau says it was more than expected. “We were not surprised to get about 50mm on the Alps, places on the plains got a bit more than expected,” he said. “Even places like Shepparton got 34mm, so we were hoping for 15 to 20mm, but we had been promising rain a bit and sometimes it doesn’t eventuate, so I guess it was a pleasant surprise for most.”

wowNov 11, 2008 – This was all progressing much faster than I had imagined. I thought perhaps it would take a year and it would involve people laughing at the Noah’s ark guy – kinda like a test of my faith. That’s usually how it goes, I get the short end, I hold on against all odds, people resist… then at the bitter end, when all hope is lost, He comes through and it all works out great. Except. It began to rain overnight. And it rained in the deserts of Saudi. Then it began to rain in the center of Aussie – just as promised!


Weatherzone forecasts deluge for the red centre

Tom Saunders, Thursday November 13, 2008 – 15:42 EDT


While the long wait for rain continues over southeastern Australia, the central interior can expect a deluge over the coming days for the second time this month. Alice Springs is likely to receive at least 20mm by Tuesday, giving the city it’s wettest fortnight in nearly two years. West of the Alice rain may be even heavier with totals up to around 50mm possible, about as much rain the region would normally expect over about two months.

Outback SA soaks up more rain

Tuesday November 25, 2008 – 14:08 EDT


Parts of outback South Australia have again recorded heavy falls overnight. Lyndhurst resident Talc Alf says he recorded about 25 millimetres of rain last night, more than 50mm fell in the town last week. He says it has been one the wettest months he has seen in a long time. “I think in the old measurement, about five inches a year that’s about the maximum I think – we haven’t had that for about seven or eight years I reckon,” he said. “Well at about five o’clock this morning it came belting down again and I got another inch of rain, 25mm in the bucket.”

Wet weekend relieves parched Gippsland

Monday November 24, 2008 – 14:31 EDT


Rain is still falling today in parts of far East Gippsland, in South-east Victoria, after the wettest weekend for the year. The highest rainfall reading so far for Saturday and Sunday was at Buchan where 167 millimetres was recorded. Good falls were recorded from South Gippsland through to the New South Wales border, bringing relief from the driest year on record.

Eastern rains no benefit to SA

Monday November 24, 2008 – 11:02 EDT


The Murray-Darling Basin Commission says South Australia will not benefit from any of the heavy rains that have fallen across eastern Australia in the past week. Brisbane received up to 300 millimetres of rain and the Gippsland region of Victoria got 150 millimetres. The chief executive of the Commission, Wendy Craik, says the most of the rain fell outside the Murray-Darling catchment area. “The response by stream flow has been pretty small so it’s good news, you know in a localised sense and it stops, reduces evaporation,” she said. “But in terms of changing the big picture, no nothing really, nothing really different.”

Murray Darling Catchment

wowAfter reading this – that all this rain isn’t in the catchment – I tried (yet again) to find a map of the catchment. And suceeded this time! Although rain has fallen in this area, the recent rain has been heaviest in the SE QLD area and in the center – where rivers and lakes have formed.

I guess God already knows that the Murray Darling Basin is not getting what it needs, and I imagine He is onto it… it’s just a matter of time. 🙂

This post takes us from Oct 2008 through to November 2008… all that happened in just one month!! Wow huh?

I am posting this today – 28 january 2009 – so I can end this rather long page and begin another one, focussing on the new amazing thing that is happening. 🙂

This is a part of a series…

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