Fond farewell to Australia shortly

The fires here in Australia are shocking and terrible. If you are reading this and want to help the people who are affected by this tragedy, please would you consider giving generously.

On a personal note, regular readers will remember that last year Jesus said that when the rivers and lakes run, that my life with Him will change. Those rivers HAVE run and the lakes HAVE filled (for example goyder, eyre and ones in the simpson desert and in channel country) – all these HAVE filled and ancient rivers have flooded and run! 🙂

Then early this year in a dream, I was standing in front of Him and He said “Have a sabbatical in 4 months” and He wrote it in His diary. 4 months is mid-March. That time is weeks away! 🙂

Then you may remember that recently I wrote a post where I saw myself as a boat, setting off from the berth where I had been lashed onto. My life direction was about to change. And it now is.

With my business income having been interrupted prior to the GFC and now that my income is NIL, my business visa to be in Australia is at risk, and my time here is ending. Im at peace with this, because I know it’s His timing. I’ve been so blessed to have lived here. Its a wonderful land with wonderful people and a wonderful climate.

Regrets? My two biggest regrets are not having been able to help more people, by using the words and gifts and insight He has given me. My other regret is at not having been able to secure a job in this time of need, so I dont have enough money to travel within Australia before I go. I would have loved to have had a road trip to see the wonderful sights in this great country.

I have met and known very wonderful people here and praise God for FB, because I can stay in touch with them there.

I expect to leave my home in Canberra in a month and close my business and leave the wonderful land of Australia in around two months. It will be with a mixture loss of friendship, and sadness for what could have been, and very great excitement for what God has for me next.

I hope He will place me in a country which has faith to ask Jesus for the things that they need, things which I can participate in.

Meantime… the blogging continues unabated, keep visiting! 🙂

3 responses to “Fond farewell to Australia shortly

  1. This morning as I had my coffee with the Lord…He directed me to Joshua…I felt like he showed me a couple of different things…I am not always immediately sure of the interpretation of what I feel He is saying to me…but a couple of things from today were…1) get ready, get ready, get ready…cross the Jordan into the land I am about to GIVE you…I will give you every place where you set your foot…as I was with Moses I will be with you…DO NOT FEAR…I will never leave you or forsake you…2) Do not let the book of the Law depart from your mouth…so that you may be prosperous and successful…I knew the passage, the whole law is summed up in one command, “Love your neighbor as yourself…”but could not remember the reference…Gal. 5:14…so I Googled the passage…some way I ended up on your blog…read about the lake and river update…(interesting for me since I felt that I was just told to cross the Jordan…I understand types and shadows…and know that it is NOT the physical JORDAN RIVER…(although the Jordan IS at flood stage in this passage…)…anyway my walk is always adventurous with the Lord…Then I read your farewell blog to Australia and found that interesting as well…my husband and I are looking for a business associate in Australia and we would be very interested in talking to you if you are interested in staying there. If you are interested in corresponding just send me a follow up note and I will get more information to you ASAP.
    Many Blessings be upon you in your walk…and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you!

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