Bushfire Memorial Day


Heroes helping the victims

Today was/is Bushfire Memorial Day. 209 people died in what Mr Rudd called a day from hell. Ies it was. And the number of heat related deaths was even higher still. I will never forget that day.

A chaplain (from a church which I attended today) assisted in the counseling of victims. Her stories confirmed that “mateship” has regained it’s strength and it’s position in the center of society.

In such a short time, 9 days, ALL the homeless people have now been housed, with people giving up their houses to help the victims.

And in a nation of only 21 million people which managed to donate in excess of $100 million to the relief efforts.

Our season of darkness – OPINION: Ruth Ostrow | February 21, 2009 – The wind has changed direction in our national psyche. An awakening to help us through the toughest times. A “spring of hope”, because of the greatness of the human spirit.