The financial miracle begins

“It’s like putting on a different pair of glasses and you think you saw something different today than you saw yesterday,” Dunigan said. – Source

That quote is from an investment banker as he described the difference that a single day can make, when God is blessing the nation in that day. His quote is spot on. The change for humanity is transparent, it cannot be seen or understood – except through the lens of faith. Or as he said, through different glasses… glasses of faith.

So here’s the story so far. There are a bunch of us, maybe 15? We are praying according to the finished work of Jesus Christ. They don’t leave comments on this blog and they don’t email me… and I like it that way, I think it needs to stay that way. Together we are learning and growing in Christ Jesus, in His finished work. We are exploring the reality of this verse:

For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith. – 1 John 5:4

The shift to being Christ’s cross-centric is so clear that it shows in research. I find that article extremely helpful to understand the change, it helps me see where God is taking His church.

On the 22nd of Feb I wrote: My focus moves from water to the financial crisis. I based my confidence on the finished work of Jesus Christ. You can read about it in that post.

The markets went up a bit and then fell like a stone. On the 9th of March (Australia time) I posted this: 1 month to go, blessings and sadness and in it I described that I had no explanation for why God had said things would turn around, but then they didn’t. In fact they had declined further. I wrote about the dilemma I was in . I only had one option, to keep believing.

And what’s more, after those two weeks, the situation looked even worse – absolutely awful – at that point. Everyone who was any one came out and said that this was financial Armageddon:  The CEO of Blackstone private equity company says 45% of world’s wealth destroyed (2nd sample, 3rd sample).

Remember, that was the 9th. And what happened the next day?

It’s clear the markets are in the midst of a huge bounce from their worst levels as the Dow, which is still down 11% year-to-date, has surged 19% from its 12-year low set on March 9. – Source

This Yahoo Finance DJIA 2009 graph says it the best…

Yahoo Finance: 2009 DJIA

Yahoo Finance: 2009 DJIA

Are your eyes deceiving you? No, not at all! 🙂

It’s just hard to argue that there isn’t an improvement in economic activity on the horizon,” said Jim Dunigan, executive vice president at PNC Wealth Management.

The market began turning around two weeks ago on news that Citigroup Inc. was operating at a profit in January and February. A spate of more upbeat economic reports helped the market build on its gains, although the rally stalled last Thursday and Friday.

Analysts said they saw more fundamental strength in Monday’s buying than they saw at the start of the rally. Dave Rovelli, managing director of trading at brokerage Canaccord Adams, said there appeared to be less short covering, which occurs when traders are forced to buy to cover misplaced bets that stocks would fall. Short covering contributed to the market’s surge after the Citigroup news.

“There is definitely new buying,” he said. – Source

Come on now, who can deny this? How many major miracles have been documented so far?

  1. God did it for the hurricanes in 2008
  2. He did it for the rain in Australia
  3. He did it for the lakes and rivers
  4. He did it for Flight 1549 as a sign of His ability and intention to give a smooth landing for this financial hurricane
  5. He continues to fulfill His words regarding the ongoing earthquake swarms
  6. And now the financial hurricane is being dealt with as well!

Even for people who don’t believe there is a God… surely this is far more evidence than anyone could ask for or want?!


Rex Babin - Flight 1549 - Miracle on the Hudson

You are My witnesses, says the Lord, and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know Me, believe Me and remain steadfast to Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior.

I have declared [the future] and have saved [the nation in times of danger], and I have shown [that I am God]–when there was no strange and alien god among you; therefore you are My witnesses, says the Lord, that I am God. Yes, from the time of the first existence of day and from this day forth I am He; and there is no one who can deliver out of My hand.

I will work, and who can hinder or reverse it? – Is 43:10-13

God reminds me that when the lake fills (as it is now) my life with Him would change dramatically and I’d have to be very brave. He would then begin to do new things. And in fact my life is changing, and it is requiring all my brave-ness. 🙂

4 responses to “The financial miracle begins

  1. All things will change on spot! We can encounter things we didnt expect. But for me God’s plan are done. True enough, keep believing in God’s promised. 🙂

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  4. Flight 1549 was a miracle. I remember only a week later another plane crashed in NY and everyone on board was killed, including the surviving wife of a 911 victim. With God there are no mistakes and there are no coincidences.

    As to what’s going on in Wall Street and the DOW, everything we own belongs to God. So ultimately whatever happens is, and always has been, under His direct control. Sometimes, or lately, many times what happens in the world around us doesn’t seem to make any sense. But that’s okay because God never asked us to understand everything. He simply wants us to trust Him. Not an easy task at times.

    Thank you for sharing I John 5:4. I had not remembered that verse.

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