Manufacturing for South Africa

Within a few hours of landing at the massively impressive Oliver Tambo Airport (AKA Johannesburg International Airport), I had this word or impression placed within me: low cost manufacturing boom like in China. As I’ve spent more and more time in this wonderful, delightful, optimistic country, I’ve become more and more sure that that in fact is the way for South Africa to go.

When a low cost boom in manufacturing happens, employment will shoot up, more families will become stable, more people will be off the streets and in jobs, less crime will occur. And on that point I have to say that crime is nowhere near what I had been led to believe. It’s an amazing thing to see how well South Africa is going.

Can and will God bless South Africa with a manufacturing boom? I say yes He can and yes He will. And I can prove it. Just look at what He did for Australia.


Australia Trade Balance - Records!

For as long as the graph above goes on, Australia has been in a trade deficit. Now they have had 7 months of positive balances and not just positive, but two record months! And if you really consider the world conditions at the moment, you will know this is a miracle.

On the other hand, exports in February plunged across the region. Japan recorded a 49 per cent slump in exports followed by China 24 per cent, Singapore 22 per cent and Korea 18 per cent. ”It appears Australia is the only country in the region – and the world, for that matter – that was exporting in February,” he added.Source

Showing signs of coming out of the uncertainties caused by the global economic crisis, Australia on Thursday announced an impressive $1.5-billion (A$2.1 billion) trade surplus in February 2009. The latest data released by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that the seasonally-adjusted trade surplus for goods and services was more than double the surplus of A$926 million attained in January and by far exceeded economists’ forecast of A$700 million for February. The peak surplus ever achieved was A$2.55 billion in last October. ”The February trade surplus is the second highest on record.

It is also the seventh consecutive trade surplus,” the acting trade minister Tony Burke said. – Source

The Australian balance of goods and services was a surplus of $2.952 billion, seasonally adjusted, in October. It broke the previous monthly trade surplus record of $1.54 billion set in June 1997, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows. The result was also much stronger than market forecasts of a $1.6 billion trade surplus for October, in itself a record. – Source

I previously wrote several times that Jesus Christ is blessing Australia. I wrote that even if Australia doesn’t choose to believe in Jesus, Jesus believes in Australia.

Now that I have heard that the word is “manufacturing” for South Africa, I am absolutely sure that we will see the same turnaround here. Over time we will see less people on the streets and more and more buildings going up, staffed with low cost workers, managed by the many university graduates which are turned out by the many universities – all of this pumping out low cost goods for world consumers.

I am delighted to be here and I am excited for the future, not only of South Africa and not only for Africa, but for the world in general.

Yes I know that we are reaping out own bitter harvest from our extremely poor decisions, but this will only last for a while and it will pass – and Jesus’ blessings will outlast what we face at the moment.

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