A season of suddenlies – Sept 2008

Did you notice how Sept-Oct 2008 was the key months in my post: 2008 Kanji of the Year: Change / Strange and then the miracles just continued on from there.

Today I have found that many people had written about those months as being key.

A Season Of Suddenlies – Dutch Sheets

Get ready for September! It is so huge on God’s timetable that it will mark one of the greatest shifts in the spiritual realm that our generation has ever seen:

  • A season of suddenlies will begin.
  • The confusion and deception ruling America (including within the Church) will begin to lift.
  • The November elections will shift toward God’s will.
  • The coming “great awakening” to America will go to a new level.
  • The “presence movement” will begin.

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And if that wasn’t exciting enough…

Word of the Lord 2009 – Cindy Jacobs

  • 2009 The Year of the Vine
  • 2009 A Year of Great Turbulence
  • 2009 Kingdom Against Kingdoms
  • 2009 The Beginning of a Third Great Awakening
  • 2009 Arise and Shine in the Midst of Adversity
  • 2009 Stand Your Ground Through Worship

Source (NOTE: Scroll down the page to find this text and read on!)

And lastly, if you really want to read some exciting stuff, try this list of prophetic words. I am just as excited by the things to come as these people are.