Fantastic posts about prophecy

I can’t recommend this article enough as a cold shower for some who don’t think they are called – yes you are! – and for others who think they are, but may not be. I literally had tears as I read it. Enjoy: Signs of a Prophets calling

The full article contains many thoughful insights. Here are just a few clipped for you.

  • You have to be a failure before you can be of use. You have to have learned that you cannot trust in yourself. 
  • A desire has been burning in you for a long time to minister to the Body of Christ.
  • The call of God comes from God and not you. All you can produce in yourself is sin.
  • Your ministry is unique, so do not expect others to share your burden. So do not expect others to quickly recognize your call, unless you have ministered to them personally.
  • Your desire is other-oriented.
  • Ministry is servant hood and is likely to cost you a lot.
  • Over a period of time you have found yourself ministering to a particular area of need more than others. It seems that you always end up ministering to believers who need encouragement and direction in their lives. And when you do something happens inside you and you sense a surge taking place. You may find yourself telling people which way they should go and what God’s purpose is for them. You only know that you feel content ministering to believers and helping them, to set their lives and ministries in order.
  • If you have a prophetic calling you will not be able to hide it indefinitely.
  • When appeals are made for help you wait for everyone else to step forward first before you offer your services.
  • Since the call comes gently, you may even wonder at times if you heard right.
  • If you have been led to pray things into existence or birth them in the Spirit through intercessory prayer, then your prophetic ministry is already starting to manifest.
  • If you have been effectively involved in leading the congregation in praise and worship and can cause the anointing of the Spirit to come upon a group when you lead, this can certainly be very clear evidence of a prophetic ministry in operation.
  • If you are called to be a prophet, then your preparation will span many years and will be one of the most difficult and troublesome processes. The prophet will be battered and broken and brought to nothing in himself before he can be of any use to the Kingdom of God. He will have to learn not to trust in himself or in his own abilities. His knowledge and natural strengths will be tried in the fire and brought to naught before God can use him.

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