The prophesied changes were long lasting!

One of the big tests in any prophecy is if they come true. And a year later I was holding my breath to see if the change was temporary or permanent. A month or two go I wrote “2008 Kanji of the Year: Change / Strange “.

In this new post I list a few of the prophecies… but from the perspective of a year later! Were those events a one-off or are they long lasting and continuing?

You be the judge…

1. Global financial recovery

We know God prophesied the collapse, then He said it was half way and He said the recovery would be quick. It has been. Here is the proof. I wrote about a V shaped recovery, much faster than anyone had expected. And here the proof is…

V shaped recovery in manufacturing

V shaped recovery in manufacturing

2. Local (South African) manufacturing recovery

I had a word for South Africa about God bringing manufacturing to South Africa. I had no idea the PMI had fallen off a cliff. But after that word, it recovered.

The Kagiso Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rose for a second
consecutive month to 37,9 points on a seasonally adjusted basis in
June, compared with 37,3 points in May.

The index, which was a key measure of manufacturing activity, had, in
May, shown its first increase since January with sponsors Kagiso
Securities saying that the rise could offer a “glimmer of hope” for
the South African economy.

3. Australia wheatbelt rains

Two years ago after 6 years of drought Australian farmers were committing suicide, one every four days. It was serious. But God prophesied rain. Last year – 2008 – the rains came just in time to stave off calamity in the wheatbelt. Would the rains come again this year? Or not? Was God’s gift to Australia dependant on a person, on prayer, or was it dependant on Him alone and His will for a country?

Farmers in the Central Wheatbelt are celebrating weekend rain, describing it as the soaking they needed, to kick-start their crops. Rain associated with a low pressure system is continuing to fall in the State’s agricultural region, lifting the spirits of many growers, who missed out on opening season falls earlier this month. –

4. General drought reduction

After the wheatbelt rains miracle, God then prophesied general rains resulting in lakes and rivers running again. And general rains did come. Rivers ran in the Simpson Desert. The Todd River ran in Alice Springs. Countles lakes appeared, including the most famous Lake Eyre. But would the rains keep coming? Yes they did. Would it make a measurable impact on the drought conditions?

27 May 2009

The Government has accepted independent advice on whether to continue Exceptional Circumstances assistance in 19 areas in NSW, the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia which were due to expire on 15 June 2009. – MAFF

And what was that advice? Of the 19 areas that were so drought affected, only 3 areas were to stay active, and 4 to be made smaller (modified) and 12 to be removed as not needing drought assistance!!!

This report was tabled in 27 May 2009, and the data would have been collected months before. So it is important to remember that much of the downpour in January and February probably wasn’t included in their calculations. Read on…

The Queensland Department of Environment says millions of megalitres of floodwater has been recorded in Western Queensland this year, 30 times the volume of Sydney Harbour. Downpours in January and February caused massive flooding in the Gulf and north-west river systems, flowing into the state’s south-west and then into South Australia’s Lake Eyre. Department spokesman Peter Gordon says officers were able to measure flows from boats traversing the floodwaters. “The recorders have logged a total of 17 million megalitres through all the different systems. That includes the Georgina, the Diamantina,
[and] the Thomson,” he said. “Sydney Harbour is about 562,000 megalitres, so when you are talking
17 million megalitres, it is quite significant.” Mr Gordon says while they were not record floods, they were still significant. “We only measure at gauging stations fairly high up in the system … and by the time it goes through all the floodplains, a lot of water is soaked up,” he said. “It basically replenishes all the grasses out in that country … [and] by the time it goes over the border, a lot of it is lost. “So when we say 17 million megalitres goes past our gauging stations … it does not mean necessarily 17 million megalitres goes into Lake Eyre.” –

5. Hurricane season in Atlantic

This was a keenly awaited result. After prayer last year and stunning results, would this year return to being a year of killer hurricanes, or would the change that occured last year continue on this year?

The season officially started on June 1 and will end on November 30. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin. However, for the third consecutive year the season started early, when Tropical Depression One formed on May 28, but for the second consecutive year, no storms formed in June. – Wikipedia

Can ANYONE give Jesus an amen!!! Check out that link and look for the pre-season forecasts (above average) and then compare the mid-season forecasts (below average) and then consider that NO HURRICANES were formed in this area in June which is the mid, the peak of the season.  Thanks to Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross the people of Haiti and Florida and Texas can sleep in peace without being battered by nature.

6. Signs in the eath

In 2008 I heard that we should not be afraid of the violent upheavals to come.

Fear not, nor be afraid [in the coming violent upheavals]; have I not told it to you from of old and declared it? And you are My witnesses! Is there a God besides Me? There is no [other] Rock; I know not any. – Is 44:8

I wrote about earthquakes and investigated them. Sure enough there seemed to an increase of them. Now in 2009 we can see very clearly that there has been a massive change in the earth.

Massive increase in earthquakes

Massive increase in earthquakes

The signs are all there, for those who have ears to hear. God is moving and the full work of Jesus Christ is being revealed.

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