The signs of change are in the earth

head_on_collisionDo you remember Flight 1549 – Miracle on the Hudson (2009/01/22)?

Trains collide… but nada happens

Well now South Africa has it’s own miracle.

Take a look at the image to the left. Yes that is two trains (note the blue top and grey top) that have had a head-on collision. But with absolutely no damage and no deaths.

“The accident happened when one train was about to cross over to another line and the second was also about to cross over to another line. Both were going very slowly. When the one driver saw he was very close to the other train he slammed on the brakes but the trains touched,” she said. – Argus

South Africa recovers

Meanwhile, despite the worldwide economic problems, South Africa posts lowest current account deficit on the current account since March 2004 –  recent performance graph.

“The significant improvement in the current-account deficit was far better than the market expected

World recovers too!

The OECD predicts that God was right after all… except they didn’t those actual words. hehehe…

Paris, 3 Sept. (AKI) – The global economy may recover from recession earlier than previously thought, according to a new forecast from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD on Thursday predicted a third-quarter expansion of economic output, measured by gross domestic product, in the United States and the 16-country euro zone, led by Germany and France. – Financial crisis: OECD predicts recovery in late 2009 with more details sector by sector from the

DRC wars pushed out of all urban areas

The operation, named “Kimia 2” (“peace” in the Lingala language), launched at the end of March has enabled DR Congo troops logistically backed by MONUC forces to drive the rebels away from all urban centres in the east, Doss said.

Zones with high population levels are under the control of government forces,” the UN chief told a press conference in Kinshasa, where he added that “the outcome is largely positive.”

“To my knowledge, there is no significant centre (in the eastern Nord-Kivu and Sud-Kivu provinces) that has been recaptured” by the rebels, whose numbers are estimated at between 4,000 and 6,000.

Do not underestimate what has happened in the DRC. At the end of 2008 Africa appeared to be heading towards an Africa-wide war with all nations taking sides. Now there is so much peace in what was the center of the fighting – Goma – was recently visited by Hillary Clinton! If you view the currrent positions of the MONUC (UN+DRC) forces you will see they are all at the edges of the country, except in the north-east where they are concentrated.


I can’t be any surer that this… that we are about to see peace all over the world and a worldwide revival. God predicted so much and everything He said has occured. I see absolutely no reason to doubt that we are right on the edge of dramatic – but gradual – change. You can read the word He gave me here: An end to conflicts and revival

If you’re coming late to this whole thing, here is a good place to start reading: So far, so good in our progress towards peace

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