Entrusting to us the message of reconciliation

The bible says that a full reconciliation has already been achieved through the death of Jesus Christ…

And through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross. – Col 1:20

… and what is now needed is for people to walk as Jesus Christ did and bring that reconciliation to the world…

that is, in Christ God was reconciling the (kosmos) world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. – 2Co 5:19

It is your (and my) job to be salt and light to this world. Our faith is what receives what has already been done in Heaven and it is our job to loose those things here on earth. Our role is to be transformative, to change the game and alter the situation… to remove the evil which has already been dethroned and made powerless.

It might help to think of our role in this cosmic story in this way…

There were some people who lived in a house. It was a great house to live in, it was always full of life, laughter and friends. But. One day a drug dealer began selling the drug crack cocaine to one or two of those tenants. Pretty soon all of them were addicted and in a drastic downhill slide in their lives.

Over time the drug dealer owned more and more of their house… until eventually the drug lord lived right there with them in the house! He kept them addicted and dependant on him so they could not make him leave. It was once a beautiful house and for a while they had lived free and enjoyable lives there, but he messed everything up and now the house was of crack addicts living in fear of him.

Then one day a new, good Tenant bought the house. He decided that He wanted the house restored to it’s former glory. He wanted the people to be happy again. So He bought the house. But the drug lord wasn’t about to leave just like that. So the good Tenant went to a Judge to get the drug lord declared an illegal squatter! The judge saw that the house had changed ownership and so the Judge froze all the drug lord’s bank accounts, he sent officials to repossess his car and his cell phone.

The drug lord now has no phone, no car and no money. But he still refuses to leave the house! He is a squatter. So now the good Tenant has begun the process of getting the drug dealer evicted from the house.

But He is doing it in a surprising way… He hired the people who used to be drug addicts! And what’s more, He is generously giving the ex-addicts access to all of His resources. The good Tenant went to the Judge and He officially appointed all of His authority to them so that they will have the power and ability to evict that drug lord.

We – the church – are the ex-addicts in this story. Jesus Christ has stripped the enemy of his power and our world has changed ownership, because Jesus Christ bought it with a price.

It is our job to go and remove the drug lord from everything and everywhere that he got himself into. And as we do that, we are to use the good Tenant’s huge resources to restore the house back to it’s former beauty. That means bringing back the music, the smells, the character of the house which was destroyed during those desperate times.

Now please listen carefully to this next bit. We know the drug lord was a very manipulative and tricky character. We know that he lies, steals and cheats people. So when you deal with him (or with his addicts) don’t listen to what they say! This is very important. No matter what the drug lord claims and no matter what the other addicts say about him, we must be disciplined to only believe what the good Tenant says… which is that the drug lord has no legal rights and no resources any more.

You can be 100% sure that whatever he says, it’s all just big talk, just smoke and mirrors to get you confused, to slow you down.

The good Tenant has chosen us and sent us with His authority to evict him and set the other other addicts free. The good Tenant assures us that He has gained all the resources, all the money and all the legal rights in this situation. It’s all been done by Him already, we just have to believe that. He says that no matter what our past experiences were, we are in the right in this situation and He is with us and on our side.

In fact the good Tenant was so confident about how things would turn out that a long long time ago He sat down and wrote out what all the things are that were to happen! Imagine that, 500 years before He bought the place and went to the Judge, He wrote down that He would do it. Then He did it! And 2500 years before today He wrote down what He would be doing today, and now here He is doing it! He was so sure of the outcome than over 10,000 years ago He even wrote down the names of the people who will help Him in this project. That’s amazing don’t you think?! 🙂

You and I – the church, His body on earth – have been appointed to go evict the drug lord, set the house free, restore it and make it beautiful once again for people to live in and to enjoy. We do this by simply receiving what the good Tenant has made available to us. We don’t go around doing our own independent thing. That doesn’t work, that’s how we got addicted in the first place! Instead we spend time learning about what resources the good Tenant has made available to us to use, we join other ex-addicts and we work in groups together, encouraging one another, as we restore the house back to being a wonderful place once again.

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