The good news keeps on coming in SA

Check out the previous post containing previous improvements: The prophesied changes were long lasting!

So… the PPI is improving: S Africa’s PPI falls further. The prediction was 3.5% the actual number is 0.3%…

Statistics SA said this week that on a monthly basis, the producer price index (PPI) fell to 0,3% compared with 2,9% in July… An estimate of 17 economists surveyed by Bloomberg had forecast PPI to fall 3,4% last month , from a year ago. “The good news is really in the detail, specifically in the manufactured items such as machinery and vehicles, where all signs of continued inflationary pressure have disappeared,” he said… Investec Asset Management head of fixed income André Roux said the PPI figure was “a far lower number than was expected by the market”. – Business Day


SAPS Crimes stats – while extremely high – show decline, some by over 10%!


This is only a start to the changes to come. It is virtually nothing by comparison. In fact a lot of the coming change can’t even be seen through such simple/narrow lenses. But from a statistical perspective, the prophesied change can be dramatically seen…

V shaped recovery in manufacturing

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