Churches! Send your evangelists out! Multiply!!

It’s time to begin to multiply and this is what you need to know about multiplication in a church…

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation” – Rom 1:16

The foundation of prayer has been laid, you now need to get people out there, spreading the gospel – because THAT is what causes salvation.

In your church of 500 people there may be 50 or 100 who are gifted in sharing the gospel. All of us can do it, but these evangelists are gifted and designed by God to do it. Get them active, get them going. Now is the time.

Churches must radically change from being inwardly and safety focused – a safe place for young adults to find love and marry and have children in spiritual safety – to being outwardly focused and reaching to the lost. There is risk in that, you will be bringing in wild and woolly people with very different points of view. Some may be coming out of the occult and may bring all kinds of “gifts” which may mesmerise your cloistered and naiive brood.

Nevertheless, you need to reach out and evolve, because the prayer platform has been laid, now it is time to send out your people and have them gather the fish… by speaking the gospel.

Here is a small snippet from an excellent post that I recommend you read: Finney, Piper and Prayer?

Prayer and the Gospel


Sometimes it happens that those who are the most engaged in employing truth, are not the most engaged in prayer…

Others err on the other side. Not that they lay too much stress on prayer. But they overlook the fact that prayer might be offered for ever, by itself, and nothing would be done. Because sinners are not converted by direct contact of the Holy Ghost, but by the truth, employed as a means. To expect the conversion of sinners by prayer alone, without the employment of truth, is to tempt God [meaning to put God to the test].


Prayer is the power that wields the weapon of the word, and the Word is the weapon by which the nations will be brought to faith and obedience.

The front-line work of missions is the preaching of the word of God, the gospel. If this public act is displaced by prayer, the supremacy of Christ in the mission of the church will be compromised…

But even the power that comes from the Holy Spirit through prayer is in some sense the unique power of the word of God itself: “The gospel is the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16). Perhaps we should speak of prayer as God’s instrument to release the power of the gospel.

One of the points we must recognise is this: they overlook the fact that prayer might be offered for ever, by itself, and nothing would be done. Because sinners are not converted by direct contact of the Holy Ghost, but by the truth

So churches, you who long to be multiplied…

  • get your sermons pointed outward,
  • focus on the messages of the Book of Acts,
  • make a 7 point sermon plan about how outreach with the gospel of truth is what brings multiplication,
  • teach on walking in the way that God prepared for us beforehand,

and spend the tithe you receive in support of these brave individuals. That is what the tithe is for… the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

The heavens are open, the time is right, the harvest is ready… simply send the men and women who are warming your seats each week. 500 evangelists can each have 500 mini-outreaches. Help them, give them infrastructure and financial support to do their work. Gather around each of them as they begin to fish. The time is now. Throw out the nets, the prayer foundation has been laid.

Then get busy cleaning the fish as they come in. The current generation has had exposure to the occult far more extensively than you may think. So they will come in dripping with false gifts. This will be a time of growth for leadership and for seat warmers. Everyone will have to develop discernment. Quickly.

And have fun. Enjoy yourself. Revival is a time of growth and multiplication. Enjoy!