Reinhard Bonnke is blogging via Facebook!

I absolutely feel that the churches must take action and organise to send out their evangelists. Now is the time. The greatest harvest is coming in the next years and it is the power of the gospel that saves. So we need to send out our evangelists to speak the gospel. As they do that, it will be the turn of the pastors to swing into action, caring for the newly saved people.

And because the church has muddled up all the gifts and very seldom sends anyone out, other than missionaries, we need to study what the bible says of evangelists and what their role is. As the people begin coming in, we will have to study what it means to be a pastor – caring, comforting, home visits.

But on the topic of evangelism… we can also learn from bright lights that God has set amongst us. Have you seen that Reinhard Bonnke is blogging via Facebook!?


My dear Friends, my FB Page is to me personal ministry. I really pray for you all and take it serious. May I please ask you for a favor? If you actively at least read these NOTES and POSTS, would you please let me know – give me “a sign of life”? That would mean a lot to me. With dedication + love, REINHARD BONNKE.

His Facebook page is here and it is visible and readable even to non-Facebook members: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Official Page

“The greatest outpouring, the greatest anointing of God’s power ever known, is coming upon us. Past revivals will seem as nothing when Pentecost breaks upon the entire Church.”

He is writing excellent stuff. His most recent item “The Cross affected the Throne” is his most powerful yet. I can’t recommend it enough. I beg you, read that post: The Cross affected the Throne

This is a man who God is using to lead MILLIONS of people into salvation, spiritual freedom and directly into local churches. He know what he is writing about. His wisdom and passion is evident. I can’t recommend his writing enough.

Here is a selection of quotes from his writings:

The Scriptures are with us today by virtue of being the “very words of God” (Rom. 3:2), not because the Church preserved them. The Bible preserved the Church! Living things don’t need to be preserved; only dead things are placed in preserving fluids. Not so? Blessings, REINHARD BONNKE.

The gospel gives to all who will receive it the dignity of children of God. Men who once were savages are reclaimed and walk as princes. What a reason to preach the gospel! Could anything be more thrilling, adventurous and worthwhile? What else is worth your life’s effort? Nothing less than the salvation of this world is at stake. We follow His footsteps! Are YOU with us? Blessings, REINHARD BONNKE.

An evangelist is an opportunist. He doesn’t wait for opportunities, he creates them. He doesn’t strike the iron WHILE it is hot, but UNTIL it is hot – and then keeps on striking. He doesn’t have a glory-party when the walls of Jericho have fallen, but crawls over the rubble, sword in hand, to deliver every street and house. Blessed? REINHARD BONNKE.

“He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither…” (Psalm 1, 3) Did you notice? Your LEAF, your health, your strength, your marriage, your child, your business – SHALL NOT wither. This Word is for YOU today. Lay hold on it and let me know please. Blessings, REINHARD BONNKE.

One man filled with the Holy Spirit is sometimes better than a hundred committees, which, ‘keep minutes but lose hours.’ When God so loved the world He did not form a committee, but sent His Son, and His Son sent the Holy Spirit. Christ said that believers are the light of the world, but it needs the Holy Spirit to switch them on. And then, watch out! Agreed? Tell me. REINHARD BONNKE.

The Gospel does not threaten sinners. It is glad news, not mad news. Yet Jesus talked more about hell than heaven – not as a THREAT but as a WARNING. There is something I’d call MILITANT MERCY. When a fast moving car approaches a child, we would snatch it from danger. It may be rough, but it is true mercy. That’s what Jesus does! HE SAVES. Happy? REINHARD BONNKE.

David strikes me as the one man in the OT who knew what it meant to be anointed. He was gripped by the fact that God was with him. He went to challenge Goliath. It was entirely in the assurance that he was anointed. He did not ask Samuel to anoint him again. He didn’t ask anybody to pray for him. He had been anointed and so was anointed – it was a timeless fact. David was ready. Are you? Blessings, REINHARD BONNKE

Now click through to even more good stuff…

A few more quotes…

A newspaper attacked me once and spread a lot of lies. My friends urged me to respond. But when I started to pray the Lord spoke to me. “You are my harvest-worker. Don’t stop the combine-harvester just to catch a mouse!” I was stunned! Since then my answer is always the same – the next Gospel-Crusade! Agreed? REINHARD BONNKE.

I am immune to the criticisms of man, because I am immune to the praise of man. This is my personal testimony and recommendation. Blessed? REINHARD BONNKE.

7 responses to “Reinhard Bonnke is blogging via Facebook!

  1. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke I am fired with passion and compassion for Christ and soul-winning through your firely gospel messages and revelation of the word and Jesus Himself as person!Speak a blessing upon me and my ministry.I want your double anointing!Thank you.

  2. God Bless You,Dear Reinhard Bonnke.Thank you that you are!Lots of people in the World suffer so much and they need a miracle in their life.Some people keep their heart cloused and when they hear about miracles they start to believe that God is real!

  3. Yes, brother Bonnke, please continue to write. Reading your comments is like drinking a glass of cold water in the heat of the desert.
    May God bless you.

  4. I am a fan of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and I read his facebook notes. I can’t recommend them enough. Brief, concise and direct to the point. They are food for the spirit.

    Wale Olasoji

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