Yesterday was a day of salvations… get used to it, plan for it

One of the things I love about Facebook is that I can link up with ministries around the world. If something happens there I get to hear about it. Yesterday – Tuesday – should have been just like any other day. But something happened. 260 salvations in Haiti, 2 more in Australia, one here in South Africa. And that’s all on one day. It wasn’t a day like all the others after all. But it will become the norm.

The time is drawing near for leaders of churches to draw up plans for bringing in the lost and cleaning them up.

In the last few days I had an idea that every time we baptise someone, we should allocate a team of 3 or 4 to help that person integrate into the church, into the community. The enemy doesn’t like losing ground, so that team would pray frequently for the newly born person. We must change how we do church. SEND out your evangelists. Start the process of fishing, share the gospel because it is the power for salvation.

It’s no longer time to be inwardly focussed, hunkered down until the storm has passed, focussed on survival… instead it is now time to be outwardly focussed… the storm has passed, the sun is shining and people are coming into the light. It’s not business as usual.

What ARE you going to do with all these new converts? How will you care for them? How will you protect them? How will you clean them up? These are some of the things you need to start thinking about.

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