What Atlantic hurricane season?

You hav to admit something good is happening… surely?


  • Total cost: ~ $41.934 billion (2008 USD)
  • Fatalities: 855 direct, 192 indirect


  • Total cost: US$103,000
  • Fatalities: 5 direct

Only 1 hurricane, Claudette, made landfall…


The track for all storms…


The timeline of the season. Take note of the quiet October and November. The peak of the season is at the end of September…


This is only made possible because of the cross of Jesus Christ! And it is fulfillment of prophecy made by God, here, in 2008.

A savings of US$41 billion… and there is so much more to come as the healthcare bill is slashed because of the end of sin and death. Incredible things are to come.

Hmmm… how much would a tithe on US$41 billion be? That would help me put petrol in my car and put food on my table. Get my own place to live. Actually get a car. Get a phone of my own. Afford to make calls.


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