Get ready for the marriage of the Lamb

I’ve been feeling an urgency to share what is on my heart to pray for (I previously mentioned I’ve been given a new change by God: New look for a new season).

I usually wait months before sharing. At first I feel overwhelmed by the task (which I do!), then I swallow it, then I digest it, and then I act on it… and much later I share about it.

But today I felt it was urgent that I share. I don’t know why, but in obedience I am doing it.

I have been praying for the world – in general – for years. Regular readers will know that. I’ve prayed the words and scriptures He gives me. So water has come in large quantities, not only in Australia but right around the world. Many things have occured and I think Jesus Christ blessed the world first so that the world’s leadership will know that His intention is to do good.

Remember the words of John 3:16 are “for God so LOVED THE WORLD”. This is not to be misinterpretted as a secular statement, it’s about His heart. He is not approving of evil doers, He is showing His love.

So it was with great amazement that I received my new 4-part prayers from Him. I am now focussing my prayers on His bride-to-be. (And for my bride-to-be.) I can hardly conceive of what I am being shown. I have hardly swallowed it, not even started digesting it… but I feel an urgency to share it now, today.

I heard the words “get ready for the marriage of the Lamb” and I am very very cautious to ever say what is God’s words. Regular readers will attest that I rarely quote “God”. But I know those were His words and they came from His mouth. We must get ready for the marriage of the Lamb.

So I am praying for His bride – and that includes praying for Israel too. I have not prayed for the church before, I only had the go-ahead to pray for the stability and blessing of the world. The world certainly needed it! 🙂

I’ve also never felt the go-ahead to pray for Israel before, but now I do have the go-ahead.

We are about to experience the gentle, wonderful manifest Presence of God and His Sanctuary is about to be established. It is descending from Heaven. Get ready.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not sell anything, do not panic, do not change your lifestyle, do not change your church – don’t do anything radical or extreme. Just worship and pray to Him as you normally do. This is a time of change and things will simply get easier and you’ll experience His goodness more often and more regularly. Marriages will be restored, lives will be healed, life will get easier.

The change is manifest on all continents. We should not be alarmed and not misunderstand what is coming. Listen to these words carefully from someone who is involved with the IHOPU Outpouring in KC…

I believe that the Lord is sending awakening and revival not so that the church can take over society and the world, but to prepare the church to preach with power and boldness the message of Jesus Christ coming to take over the world. – The IHOPU Student Awakening: God’s greater purpose

That’s in America. The change can be seen everywhere… even in the Middle East, in Baghdad!

This is what is known as “Jesus Day” (officially the “Master of Souls” festival) in Baghdad. It was the second annual festival but the first to feature Christian imagery so prominently. Like other religious minorities, Christians in Iraq have found themselves the targets of militants in recent years. There were groups from eight churches in Baghdad invited to the festivities and they were brought there on buses for their own safety.

Here is another example: 140,000+ people live in Worcester in South Africa. It was a saturday afternoon in rugby crazy South Africa and the national rugby team – the Springboks – were playing France. But 20,000 people left their beloved team and came to hear the gospel from Angus Buchan… the same guy Jesus Christ raised from the dead in front of 200,000 men in 2009…. but wait… that means those 20,000 people didn’t watch the Springboks?! Shock and horror! And 10,000 of them got saved!!! Yeah!!!

The change is everywhere and it has only just started. This world is increasingly living under the grace of God… or should I say, IN the grace of God through Jesus Christ. That simply means that life will be getting easier and easier, government budgets will balance, water shortages will lessen, terrorists will be discovered sooner and do less damage, poverty will ease, people will give more and more frequently, healthcare deficits will decline, mortality rates will decline, happiness will increase.

In short… good things. For believers and unblievers too!  🙂

This is a part of a series…

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7 responses to “Get ready for the marriage of the Lamb

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  2. Things getting better … humm … I am not thinking that is congruent with God’s word about this time at the end of the age of grace.

    I believe the world in experiencing ‘birth pain’ at the present, they are beginning to become more frequent and more violent, and we who are In Christ are about to be snatched away, as Jesus calls and the Holy Spirit is removed.

    The Man of Sin is about to be revealed … So … the Bride will be taken to the Fathers House, just as promised in God’s word, and in the tradition of ancient Hebrew weddings.

    Robes and crowns, a wedding feast, and seven years of being in Gods presence will be ours …

    We will witness what John wrote of in Revelation, we will see the Lamb of God take the scroll from Gods right hand, and open the seals …

    We will accompany Him back to earth, You and I will be on white horses, the saddle will be like lambs wool, ahead we will see our Jesus take down the armies of the world who have gathered to denie Him what has been His since the foundation of the world. I have seen this as it happened as surely as I am seeing what is happening today.

    We will witness the beast and the false prophet cast into the pit, and then we will join in on the judging of the nations …

    Jesus will lower the mountains and bring up a new plateau in Jerusalem, 50 miles broad, He will build a new temple, and enter in from the east.

    We will be with him living and reigning on earth for a thousand years …

    I certainly hope that your life will be getting better and God’s blessings will abound.

    One day the final gentile will be saved and then the Door will open … so … let’s work all the harder to share the Blessed Hope with others, because those who are left behind will either wear the mark of the beast or be ground into the dust for refusing and believing in God instead of the god of this world. until that day comes let us join in the harvest work.

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