A virtual prayer furnace… will you join?

I’ve been operating as an “interecessory missionary” for the past few years.

Now I’ve created a Facebook group called “Prayer Furnace” so you can join in.

I invite you to visit and sign up and let your friends know.

Regular readers will know the immense impact that faithful prayer has had, as I have documented here: 2008-9 Prophecies and Miracles v2

I pray you will join up, join in and participate. Post prayer requests for your church, yourself, your country and then join in by praying for the things other people have posted requests about.

Prayer comes before a breakthrough and this can even be seen in the story of Jesus Christ’s birth… Luke 2:36-38

Anna prayed night and day in the temple with fasting for over sixty years just prior to the First Coming of Jesus.

Anna was the first evangelist that we see in the New Testament.

The Holy Spirit is raising up those like Anna once again to pray, fast and preach prior to Jesus’ Second Coming. This “Anna Anointing” transcends gender and age, where men and women, young and old live as intercessory missionaries laboring for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Intercession and worship is the means that God has chosen to establish His kingdom on the earth. Prayer changes the spiritual atmosphere over cities and nations (Matthew 6:10, Psalm 149).

IHOP has a “Luke 18” project with this vision:

Our vision is that through persistent prayer and fasting the Lord will bring speedy justice (Luke 18:7).  There are many injustices in our land (ie: abortion, human trafficking, murder).  We believe the Prayer Furnaces that burn with passion for Jesus, which are being established on college campuses today, will bring forth the cry the Lord desires as He overturns the wrongs in our world and ultimately returns to establish His Kingdom (Rev. 22:17).

It’s a tremendous vision and it makes sense.