2009 Kanji of the Year: Shin / New

Do you remember this post? 2008 Kanji of the Year: Change / Strange. It was a very suitable symbol of that year in which the world began to change.

So I was anxiously waiting – yes I’m veeeery patient – for the consensus view of the right symbol for 2009. Would it confirm my belief that things are indeed changing and to some extent already has changed?

Take a look and decide for yourself…

Kiyomizu temple chief priest Seihan Mori wrote the character with a dash of a calligraphy brush on a large ‘‘washi’’ Japanese paper which measures 1.5 meters long and 1.3 meters wide as rain soaked the ancient capital.

‘New’ voted kanji character of the year 2009

KYOTO — ‘‘Shin,’’ which means ‘‘new’’ in English, has been chosen as the single best kanji to characterize the year 2009, a Kyoto-based kanji promotion organization said Friday. The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation said it received a total of 161,365 entries for its poll to select the single best kanji reflecting society in 2009.

Of the total, 14,093, or 8.7%, picked ‘‘shin,’’ followed by ‘‘kusuri’’ (medicine) and ‘‘sei’’ (relationship). ‘‘Shin’’ was chosen to reflect a year of new ideas