It’s prayer request Tuesday on Prayer Furnace!

Today is Monday – all day – right? Good!!

Apart from being my birthday today (Would you give me something for my birthday?)… Monday is also the right day for you to submit your prayer requests to our Prayer Furnace.

On Tuesdays, every prayer request that we have received will be prayed over by me and other mature prayer warriors as well.

So far we have seen two people discharged from hospital, two people get jobs, one person kick alcoholism and so on. Jesus is Lord!

Shine! God’s power lines draw current from Calvary, from the Resurrection, and from the Throne: “The gospel of Christ … is the power of God,” wrote the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:16. He knew. He proved it. The world in his day could not have been worse. It was cruel, corrupt, and cynical. Yet the Gospel changed it, and it can do the same again today. It is a nation-changer.  Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

Apply to join the Prayer Furnace FB group, then submit your personal prayer request. Do it before Tuesday and you will be prayed for. We welcome every new member!

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