God is Personally with us… now in Atlanta!

Recently I have been praying Rev 21 and Ezekiel and Isaiah passages – all to do with His words to me “See! The abode of God is with men“.

Today and yesterday were tough days, and I’m familiar with the pattern, having been through it many many times… it means… a breakthrough is very near.

Now it is Atlanta…

Something unusual has happened here at IHOP-Atlanta the last few weekends.

It’s difficult to explain any encounter with the Lord. You never want to hype or overstate anything. But simultaneously you want to credibly do justice to what has happened.  As I considered how I might faithfully relate what the Lord has been doing in our midst, I was reminded of Jesus’ words to John the Baptist’s disciples, “Go and tell … the things you have seen and heard…” (Luke 7:22). So here it goes…

Last weekend we called special renewal services because we felt impressed that the Lord was moving in an unusual way. On Tuesday the same presence of God we felt the previous weekend was released in our all-staff prayer meeting. Many were encountered by the Holy Spirit, most notably the children.

The next day in our school, the classes were interrupted by the power of God. Many of the children experienced the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in profound ways.  As I went to the school building to see what was happening, I was greeted with the tangible presence of the Lord and my legs began to physically tremble.

I entered a classroom that had been overtaken by the Holy Spirit to find 20 or so 4th & 5th graders in travail with tears streaming down their faces, crying out for God to come in power and revival. It was fearsome.

You can’t teach a thing like that. It was a sovereign in-breaking of the Holy Spirit. – Update on the move of the Spirit at IHOP-Atlanta

This is just the beginning. He has said in the Isaiah scriptures He has shown me… “I will once again do marvellous things with these people”.

You can read more here: Seek the Lord while He may be found – More on the Outpouring at IHOP-Atlanta

BUT this is not the revival… this is the precursor. What we are about to experience goes way beyond this and is not contained in church buildings. In tomorrow’s blog post I will tell you a story and from it you may see what the potential is.

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2 responses to “God is Personally with us… now in Atlanta!

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  2. Great post. I’d read something a few months ago prophesying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the city of Atlanta and the return of black men to the family system, and the church.

    It’ll be interesting to watch that play out.

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