What is spiritual authority (how do I get it?)

A friend asked this question and this is my reply…

I think it’s pretty easy… we all have a “faith level” according to the scriptures. According to our faith this and that happens. So your level of authority depends on what you believe (your faith).

Someone whose faith is deeply enmeshed and founded on the cross and His resurrection will display far more authority than someone whose faith is based on the Holy Spirit or the “father” concepts. What you believe really matters. If your faith stretches to include that you have Him in you, and you are in Him, and you are a child of God, and you are seated with Jesus Christ far above all names that can be named, and you are filled with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit… if that has truly sunk deep into your spirit… then you will have great authority.

But the key is found in two of Jesus’ statements:

  1. He literally said “but I will give you the keys to heaven” and then He did exactly that in the following few sentences that He spoke. Go look them up! 🙂
  2. And the second key is that apart from Him (off the vine) we can do nothing.

So we must always remain connected to Him, to His cross, to His resurrection. Our faith must never deviate from what He did.

It is only through His cross that we are seated with Him. It is only through His cross that we inherit all that God has for us. It is only through His cross that sin and death are defeated and we live under the favor and grace of God.

So get connected, sort out your faith and stay connected – then you will have IMMENSE spiritual authority and be able to command and release and bind and move spiritual mountains!  🙂

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