Sabeans! What side of history are you on?

I wonder what Hitler would change if he could have seen how things would end and how he would fail? His confidence was based on his life experience and his inner fortitude… and of course he couldn’t see his own illnesses. But if he could see the end before he started, or at least early on… would he have changed?

So my challenge to you is this…

You have been reading the words of Isaiah and eseing the promises Jesus Christ made through Isaiah… and you have seen the fulfillment – in incredible accuracy. Surely you will admit that?! So with the incredible things that Jesus Christ has done so far, scripted in Isaiah, performed now in recent times, and publically recorded here on this blog… you know that the end of the story is also already recorded in Isaiah.

He is the only One Who can shoot an arrow 2500 years ago and make it land in the bulls eye 2500 years later! Who else has ever done that? Who claims to be able to do that and can SHOW that he/she/it is doing it?

He is The God Who keeps His promises and let me encourage you by pointing out still two more steps towards the fulfillment of His promises…

He promised manufacturing for South Africa… and the recent GDp released yesterday was 3.2%

Carmen Altenkirch, Nedbank:

“The recovery in the South African economy gained further momentum in the fourth quarter, with growth beating market expectations. The manufacturing sector outperformed other sectors in the economy, growing by 10.1 percent q-o-q.

The manufacturing sector, which exports roughly 30 percent of domestic production, benefited from the recovery in the global economy as well as strong demand for beneficiated metals from China. = Goodbye recession

Who else can shoot an arrow on the day of my arrival in SA, predicting what He will do – and then it occurs?!

Another promise He made is peace in the world. I have shown that conflicts are ending everywhere, South America and even in Africa. Now we have peace agreements in Darfur and between Sudan and rebel groups (Sudan signs ceasefire with Darfur rebel group)

In the latest Newsweek there is an article on how peace is coming to the world. They say that statistically right now you are the least likely to be killed in war than at any time in human history. And just a few years ago we were in a clash ofcivilizations that some called the “forever war”.

Who has done this? Who predicted it 2500 years ago? Who sid it will occur via this blog in recent years? Who is making it happen?

Sabeans are “men of stature” according the to Amplified bible: (Isaiah 45:14) and I am addresing this blog post to you. You have a choice to make. What side of history will you be on. It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday. What will you do tomorrow?

Jesus Christ is bulding a new heaven and a new earth. He is building His Holy City. He is building His new Jerusalem. What will you do? Will you join in and build it?

The old things have passed away, new things have come. This is our God who we have waitied for. What will you do? Come help build His Holy City.

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