The manufacturing prophecy – one year later!

First I heard a prophecy for South Africa on the day I returned here and I blogged it 2 days later (30 April 2009): Manufacturing for South Africa

Just remember the background of gloom and terror during those days when He spoke those words. It was as unlikely to occur as rain in the deserts of Australia or as unlikely as Lake Eyre filling up.

But undeterred, I began to watch for the promised changes and record them on this blog:

Then on 1 Feb 2010 we had this announcement…

Kagiso PMI Enters 2010 with a Bang 01 February 2010
The seasonally adjusted Kagiso PMI entered 2010 on a positive note, rising by another 1.1 points to reach 53.6 index points – the highest reading since April 2008 – during January 2010. The latest number signals the th… read more

and now on 1 March 2010

The seasonally adjusted Kagiso PMI rose strongly in February to 60.4 index points 01 March 2010
The seasonally adjusted Kagiso PMI rose strongly in February to 60.4 index points, indicating that the manufacturing sector in all likelihood remained the key sector driving the overall growth recovery in 2010Q1. Both the headline PMI… read more

This is awesome, don’t you think? What a priveledge to be able to walk alongside Jesus Christ as He fulfills His words.

Kagiso SA PMI hits 3-yr high of 60.4 in Feb from 53.6

the seventh straight month of growth…

After initially lagging the global factory rebound, the SA PMI is now on par and may even surpass its global counterpart (which measured 56.1 during January 2010) in February for the first time since early 2009.

and it is resulting in increased employement!

“A welcome development is that the seasonally adjusted employment index remained above 50 for the second consecutive month in February. The index increased for the sixth month in a row to reach 52.1 points   the first time since late 2007/early 2008 that the index has remained above the 50 mark for two or more consecutive months,” Coetzee concluded.

So there you have it… He is doing what He said exactly 1 year ago (30 April 2009). Deal with it. He is really real. He speaks. He works. Adjust to it. Welcome it. There is a wave building, ride it, enjoy it!

Australia could have enjoyed it so much than they did. While I lived in CBR I had visions of the place becoming a literal Eden, I could see rich lush green and flocks of birds overhead.

The potential good that Jesus Christ can do for any country which welcomes Him is unprecedented. His intention is to do good. He IS doing good. Accept Him. Welcome Him. Support Him.

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