A suggestion for transforming South Africa at all levels

I recently read that we have a crisis in education. I have a suggestion for the transformation of education that will then transform the while society.

First let’s consider the source of the problem. We are in a cycle that is common right across the world. Breaking out the cycle will take focus, concentration and the same fighting spirit and self-sacrifice that resulted in change in this wonderful country in 1994.

Here is the cycle. Previously advantaged sectors of society have more affluence than previously disadvantaged ones… and those who have more, spend more as they raise their children. With more resources available, generally speaking those children have a greater chance of success because they may have tutors and perhaps they could afford to go to university.

In this cycle, the poor stay poor and the affluent pass their affluence onto their children. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can break the cycle and create a world class country within ONE generation (14-20 years). We will need a laser like focus, determination and patience.

Let’s consider creating a “golden generation” right at the bottom of the age groups. Not a “black” one (thereby perpetuating the apartheid sin of discrimination), but instead a “golden one” that is non-racial. All children are treated equally. This is known as “equity” and is the holy grail in some societies.

This laser-like focus will transform south africa within one single generation, creating excellence throughout the education system, because these children move into business, taking their passion for excellence and equality with them.

I’m suggesting choosing a single generation into which we invest all our efforts. They get computers, they get classrooms and teachers and sufficient resources to excel. (Rwanda already has plans to give all children aged 7-11 a laptop.)

Every generation after that one then inherits these new established best-of-breed resources. As this golden generation progresses, each year moving forward, the best standards are planned for and put in place for the following year’s requirements. When that golden generation gets to university level we need to have sufficient seats for them. When they are ready to be employed, regardless of their color, they are the best and are ready to be employed not on the basis of their color, but on the basis of a non-racial and competitive “normal” society.

If we did this 15 years ago we would have superb matriculants and university graduates right now, rather than having a “crisis in education”.