And the power of sin and death are ended

Do you recall that I wrote this…

Today and yesterday were tough days, and I’m familiar with the pattern, having been through it many many times… it means… a breakthrough is very near. – God is Personally with us… now in Atlanta! (19 February 2010)

The breakthrough came… it was more like a whimper than a bang. I will explain why in this post and in posts to come.

This sunday 7th March 2010 I received detailed words from God that on that coming night (the sunday night) this would occur

This very day [the Assyrian] will halt at Nob [the city of priests], shaking his fist at the mountain of the Daughter of Zion, at the hill of Jerusalem.

[But just when the Assyrian is in sight of his goal] behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, will lop off the beautiful boughs with terrorizing force; the high in stature will be hewn down and the lofty will be brought low.

And He will cut down the thickets of the forest with an ax, and Lebanon [the Assyrian] with its majestic trees shall fall by the Mighty One and mightily. – Is 10:32-34

As you know I have been sharing with you for several years that the time of the reign of sin and death is coming to a close and we are moving into the time when God’s grace reigns instead.

This is the essence of the exchange at the cross:

  • All our sin for His righteousness.
  • He died for the ungodly
  • He died for sinners
  • He died for His enemies
  • He prayed for their forgiveness – as they killed Him
  • The bible says that WHILE we were still enemies, we were reconciled to Him.
  • The bible says that through Adam, all died, all were counted as sinners. But God provided a Lamb of God and through His Son Jesus Christ all are made alive – because His grace and mercy are undeserved.

PLEASE NOTE: Eternal salvation comes as a result of accepting His sacrifice.

And then on Monday – one day later – in a time of prayer God Spoke through me in a remarkable way… He spoke to me, since I was sitting in a room alone… and He said these words…

And the power of sin and death are ended

Is there a reason to believe His words? I previously blogged that He said to me about the “fire of God falling on all nations”… and it literally began to do exactly that, on the day He said it would.

And now He has said this. I believe it.

The inflection point has been reached. The turning point has been passed.

Animated illustration of inflection point (Wikipedia)

Where are we going now?

The bible says that the condemnation that occured through that one man’s sin (Adam) is NOT AT ALL to be compared with what will occur through the One Man’s act of righteousness (Jesus Christ).

We are – to put it simply – moving from the reign of sin and death, to the reign of God’s grace.

In the next few posts I will share scriptural backing for all these statements, and some of the insights He gave me into the times we will now encounter, and into the meaning of the scriptures about the “Assyrian”.

For now, in this post… sing hallelujah!