The north wall of His Holy City is built!

On the 19th of Feb I had a dream. A man showed me a map… or was it a place seen from high up or in the spirit?

In the dream I assumed that the man was in fact God, and I was totally comfortable with that and with Him. He motioned with His arm and showed me what seemed like a “map” which was between us.

It had several tiny circles that were built up (little fortified walls? Were they churches?) and I saw other things, none of which made sense.

I can’t remember what He said, it may have been “look, or what do you see?”. I looked. Then I said “no, there should be a cornerstone here” and I tried to demonstrate what I thought a  cornerstone would look like.

As I was doing this I kept mumbling to myself “probably not” and I was aware that the Holy Spirit was correcting me as He does in real life when I make an assumption which is not correct.

Then it dawned on me that I was looking for the wrong thing!

In Rev it speaks of foundation stones under the gates… and I began to look for the gates that are mentioned in rev 21. And then I saw something like 3 gates and some lines which could have been walls… I’m not sure what else I saw.

The the small circle were outside the gates and inside seemed to be lots of open spaces and what at the time I thought was a long pool, but now I think is the central road that is mentioned in Rev 21:21.

But I didn’t have time to really take note and understand what I saw, the realisation of what I was looking at caused me to gasp and I pointed at the map and exclaimed “this is the north wall of the Heavenly City!” (I was referring to Rev 21). The vivid dream ended immediately.

My understanding is that this part of His Holy City has now been built.

Can you imagine… the manifest Presence of YHWH and His Son, the Lamb of God, seeing His face… it’s beyond description what will happen when the manifest Presence of God exists in a “sanctuary” and fulfills scripture from many thousand years ago.

All monotheistic religions will be unified by this experience, because you simply cannot argue with God Himself, when He is literally walking amongst us (Rev 21:3) and we see His face (Rev 22:4) and He speaks to us. Long standing questions will be answered. Things we thought were true, we will find they were, or were not. Many things we thought was God, in fact wasn’t. Crooked things will be made straight, because you can simply come and see and experience Him for yourself.

Imagine that… His manifest Presence and His willingness to bless and give favor and speak to us will do away with all wars and doubt.

I can’t describe what this sanctuary will be like, because I don’t know… I’m just reading about it in OT scripture – like you can. I’m still open to it being a spiritual concept because His temple is within us… but more and more I am sure it will be a physical location, because people go “in and out”, and leaders of nations bring “into it” their riches. So I am pretty sure it’s a literal place.

Today (19th Feb) I was thinking that the reason government leaders will bring their riches to “build His sanctuary” is because when they come, they experience Him and they receive revelation from Him… and it helps them govern their own countries. So that’s why they will come… it benefits them and their countries.

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