My ways are not your ways (via Facebook)

Hello friends, for a while now I have felt to move this blog to Facebook, where we can have a more direct relationship. FB “pushes” the posts to your wall, and it notifies me when new people join and when you comment. This interaction is important to me.

So as of today – after several weeks of thinking about it – I have posted my first item there. Please would you visit Faith. Hope. Love. on Facebook and update your bookmarks to point there. My first post there is already waiting for you 🙂

My ways are not your ways

Faith. Hope. Love. – on Facebook

You are very welcome to add me as a Facebook friend, so we can keep in touch.

Mark Wilson on Facebook

And separately to this, I am looking for part time work, while I continue praying for the time ahead. I am able to help people with “search engine optimization” which simply means getting your website/product more attention, which usually means getting more orders. The process I follow is very structured and measurements/metrics are tracked all the way along the process. Contact me!

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