And the miracle keeps on… but a warning

Previously I wrote this post: Manufacturing for South Africa and other prophecies – one year on! In that I showed a graph which clearly demonstrated the turn-around that began in the exact month when the Holy Spirit spoke a prophecy to me: “Manufacturing for South Africa“.

I blogged that on April 30, 2009. And in fact this collapse was prophesied back in 2007 and first blogged by me in 2008.

Prophecy from Jesus Christ can be separated from nonsense by simply looking to see if it comes true. In a time of a global crash, no one could have imagined the little South Africa at the bottom tip of Africa could be a safe haven and avoid the calamity.

Do you remember how bad it was? Let me jolt your memory. Context is important!! 🙂

By now in the timeline, the brightest of minds proclaimed the end of capitalism: 45% of world’s wealth destroyed, and World Bank says collapse has arrived, and Tom Friedman said it was Peral Harbor, and Soros Says Financial Crisis Marks End of a Free-Market Model, and Warren Buffet says U.S. has “fallen off a cliff” !!

But Jesus Christ said “The financial miracle begins”…

I wrote that in Is anything too hard for Jesus – the financial crisis

The prophecy that Jesus Christ can and will stop the financial collapse was true. It happened. It was from God.

So now it’s a year after the prophecy about manufacturing for South Africa. What can we see from April 2009 when He spoke those words over this country?

CPI (Inflation) is down since April 2009

3 year SA CPI (Inflation) May 2010

GPI (growth) is up since April 2009

3 year SA GDP (Gross Domestic Product) May 2010

Manufacturing Output is up since April 2009

3 year SA Manufacturing Output May 2010

Seriously. What can one say? It’s right there in front of you.You call me crazy. I ask you to be logical and LOOK and see! Yes the Lord is good.

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. – Psalm 34:8

While Trevor Manuel’s does admirable work on the National Planning Commission with the intention of having a plan in a few years time and seeing these things come to pass over the course of a decade… meantime Jesus Christ uses His church and simply gets on with the job of fixing the country here and now.

Look at those graphs. Think. I mean… really think. Engage your noggin. Get the cells cranking. Who can do what you see there in those graphs?

It is only Jesus Christ Who can move His hand and things change like that. Who else can match His power?

I admire Trevor Manuel and I think a national plan is necessary, and it’s irresponsible for governments not to have one. We are to be good stewards of what He has given us!

However, it is possible to believe only in our own abilities and to ignore His power and His ability. And that is to our detriment. Human ability is nothing by comparison to His ability. As someone I admire once said to me “It is not 50% us and 50% Jesus Christ. It is not 100% Jesus Christ and 0% us. It is not 100% us and 0% Jesus Christ. It is 100% us AND 100% Jesus Christ

The most successful countries in the world in the years ahead will invest into building faith in Jesus Christ in schools, in families, in businesses and in government institutions. And Jesus Christ will move His hand over those nations and build them up. Such a country is called a “sheep” and they seek the good Shepherd.

Sadly some countries will pursue arrogance and dogged determination and refuse to embrace His church and refuse to embrace Jesus Christ… and they will not prosper. They can called “goats” because they live independently and refuse to come to the good Shepherd.

We are now in a place and time when other prophetic words He gave are imminently about to come true. We stand at a precipice. One foot is already over the edge.

Some will seek His help, but some will push forward in our own strength. I assure you will find that our strength and ingenuity is no match at all for what is hurtling towards.

Will we turn to Him and embrace His power, asking Him to heal us and restore us? I wait with baited breath. Will we turn? Who will turn? Who will turn first? Who will take a long time to turn? Who will never turn?

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. – Psalm 34:8

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