During the tournament… there was no crime – Jacob Zuma

I wanted to name this post: “Prayer, parties, hard work and righteous governance”.

Imagine this… 1 million people coming across the borders into South Africa… 500,000 coming in via airplane flights… 25,000 Britons… 60,000 Dutch… Germans, South Americans… and NOT ONE case of football hooliganism. 4 years ago Germany was wracked by these hooligans and their violence… but in 2010 there was not even one incident in South Africa.

Before the world cup there were rumours of a terrorist plot, and even that was dicoveed. Had it not been, the consequences could have been unimaginable: Four arrested with nuclear material for dirty bomb in South Africa: report (July 12, 2010; 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

And the famed expolosion of prostitution, human trafficking and drugs which always occur at each world cup…  according to CNN.com it didn’t happen this time… Soccer fans shun hookers for art’s sake (By Ben Wyatt, CNN, July 10, 2010)

NO CRIME. How can this be? And more importanly, can it be sustained and reproduced around the world? I say YES. I’ve been saying YES for a few years via this blog. The evidence has been steadily mounting.

How did it happen? The strategy answer is the same answer to why Australia STILL HAS a wheatbelt. Several years ago if they didn’t get rain, the wheatbelt would be literally ended. Closed. Turn the lights out. Already the lack of rain had caused vast deaths in livestock which we all saw on the news.

The solution there was prayer to Jesus Christ. And the solution in South Africa was also prayer to Jesus Christ.

“Government is working on a prayer on how to sustain this. I think it is important as a nation that we have a national prayer to thank God for helping us with this success. – Jacob Zuma

The president and the country and the world have perhaps begun to see that a country CAN be free of crime – through prayer to Jesus Christ.

Zuma argued that the World Cup had already helped the government tackle another of its goals: crime. “During the tournament, because of the number of police, this visibility, there was no crime,” said Zuma.

“That we’re going to get rid of crime; you can’t just say it’s a possibility.”

Yes it is possible to have a country which is (virtually) free of crime (South Africa) and in which the work of business and government is blessed and prosperous, where the rains arrive in it’s seasons (Australia), where disease and sickness doesn’t take hold (South Africa and H1N1) and where the country does not succumb to economic crises (South Africa, Australia) – and more.

And it occurs through hard work, diligent efforts, attention to detail, deadlines that don’t move – and prayer to Jesus Christ.

You will not be able to get rid of crime by hard work. But hard work AND prayer to Jesus Christ can and will achieve that. And when we make this decision, not only will South Africa have given the world the finest World Cup ever, but South Africa will have shown Africa and the whole world how to move into a much better future.

But it starts with the humility to seek the Shepherd, not to only believe in our own ability, but to seek His assistance.

So what is possible? Australia was talking about creating a “prayer embassy” and locating it in the parliamentary zone in amongst the other embassies. I don’t know if this actually occured since I left, but the idea is a solid one. We could do that here.

I have the prophecy about it already, from several months ago.The world prayer center is destined to have an international impact. And recently I have been thinking, I wonder if Brazil would be amenable to Jesus Christ helping them with their World Cup preparations – given their unreadiness and levels of violence.

To every leader who has taken the time to read this… please consider the evidence… an ongoing investment into building “good relations” with Jesus Christ is a solid investment… it is a responsible thing to do… it is “good governance”… as we can see during this world cup.

But as the little girl said at the end of the movie Narnia, “He is not a tame Lion”. In other words, don’t think that you can bluff Him. He is God. Approach this without an intent to control. He is God, let Him change your society and renew everything as only He knows how to.

He has shown His goodness. He is trustworthy. Jesus Christ CAN make the difference!

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