It’s very close now…

Are you following the whole “quantitative easing” thing which has been occuring of late?

Quantitative easing, or QE, is economists’ jargon to describe the Fed’s massive purchases of $1.7 trillion in Treasury, agency and mortgage-backed securities, a program that started in March 2009 and ended a year later.

Basically… the Fed is buying their OWN bonds. They are propping up their own products…

The purchases were part of the doubling of the size of the central bank’s balance sheet as the key component of the Fed’s efforts to prevent the meltdown of the financial system in late 2008 and early 2009.

Since QE was instituted, the economy pulled out of its nosedive, stocks soared by 70% and the capital markets reopened for investment-grade and junk corporate borrowers.Barrons

So based on seemingly previous success, governments around the world are re-embarking on massive quantitative easing.

But. Near the end of every balloon, people have to buy their own products. And everyone else either has to participate in the buying, or they stop buying because they know it’s unsustainable. If they stop, the prices collapse. The game is so vastly enormous that to stop buying is to condemn the whole world to a collapse.

I’m writing this to let you know that Jesus Christ was the One Who rescued the world from the financial crisis. And He can do it again now.

He intervened last time of His own accord. He got no thanks for it. (And I personally paid a high price for it.)

This time He requires your request to intervene.

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