Murray River (finally) begins to run – fulfillment of prophecy

Do you remember when I wrote this? The Aussie rain miracles – faith, part 1 on 3 October 2008. I wrote that Jesus Christ had asked me to pray for rain, and I felt that He had made several promises…

The Murray is not flowing again – yet – but I know that I know that God has said that the ancient rivers will flow again. The Murray WILL flow again and we need to be ready to give Jesus Christ the praise that He deserves. To claim we somehow did it, is to be extremely disrespectful, it’s to deny the hopelessness of the situation and to refuse to give Him the credit that is due to Him. Let’s not do that. Ok? – The Aussie rain miracles – faith, part 1

Later that year -2008 – something that had never run with water and had never been heard of by anyone around me – called Channel Country – ran in the desert, in fulfillment of that prophecy. And wouldn’t you know it, it ran straight to a Lake in the desert called “Lake Eyre” and partially filled it. That was also in fulfillment of the same prophecy.

I’ve been watching and waiting for the last part of that prophecy to be fulfilled… the running of the river Murray. And lo and behold we are able to see it occuring right now.

Straight flush for Murray mouth – Mark Schliebs, September 07, 2010 12:00AM

VICTORIA’S flooding woes are set to provide relief for thirsty South Australia as increased river flows reach the mouth of the Murray.

The weekend rain has prompted the opening of the Goolwa barrage, a man-made barrier near the mouth of the Murray that prevents seawater from seeping through the river system. It was last opened in 2006. Richard Owen, a Landcare volunteer whose Hindmarsh Island house sits between the barrage and the Coorong, said there had not been a decent flushing of the estuary since 2001.

The opening of the barrier has sent freshwater into the Coorong to flush out water that has been trapped in the important estuary. The flushing is possible only if there is heavy freshwater flows in the Murray and can lead to increased numbers of bird life and fish, which rely on the Coorong as their breeding ground. – The Australian


River Murray’s SA blessing – ADAM TODD, September 06, 2010 9:06PM

IRRIGATORS and River Murray campaigners are rejoicing at news the Lower Lakes are set to fill for the first time since 2005.  Victoria’s floods will deliver the best unregulated water inflows into South Australia in a decade, pumping 900 gigalitres across the border over the next six weeks. – Adelaide Now

So the rivers leading to the Murray River mouth went from this…

to this…

So that is that. All promises Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, God, made during that time which relate to water, lakes and rivers have now or are now in the process of being fulfilled.

Years ago I could have been certified for being a nut case. Now years later my faith is emboldened to believe that God indeed can do whatever He chooses to do.

As a pastor said last week, a delay doesn’t mean a promise won’t happen. A delay just means it will still happen, but not right now. God sent enough rain the first time around to flood the east from right up north, down through all the farming lands, filling up the dams on the way down. It didn’t reach the mouth though, as it all sank into the ground. That’s good for farmers, but I looked like a doofus. 🙂


Then a year later, MORE massive rains, more rivers bursting their banks, another filling of Lake Eyre… and this time the dams further down were filled up and a lot of the water soaked into the ground. Great for farmers lower down, but it didn’t make it to the river mouth… so I still looked like a crackpot.


Then this year in January, and then in March 2010 MORE massive rains, a third filling of Lake Eyre (see Lake Eyre in line for second deluge – PETER KER, March 13, 2010) and more flows in  Darling-Murray river system…

“The Darling is already very wet from floods in January and the floodwaters will come down it fairly fast because of that – it is like the pipeline is full.”

Mr Young said the Murray/Murrumbidgee system will deliver water to South Australia, but it was the Darling system that would “get us out of jail”.

“This (flooding) is good news but we’ve still got a long way to go. The Lower Lakes need somewhere in the area of 2000 gigalitres to be restored.”

and now the river of the mouth can be opened up. It was kept closed to keep sea water out. But now the river has finally reached the coast, and the mouth can be opened. The debate that was raging, to simply give up and let the sea water come into the river system, dooming the fauna and flora, can now we ended. – Flooded with hope – will our rivers flow? Bryan Littlely March 09, 2010 12:01AM

And now with the rains of this last while, the Goolwa barrage – the river mouth – is opened this week. And so ends the last piece of that prophecy.

My faith is strengthened. If you have walked this road with me, via this blog, I am sure your faith is growing too.

This is a part of a series…

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