Different metaphors for our relationship with Jesus Christ

I think that the Holy Spirit speaks to each of us differently. Over time we get to know how He speaks to us.

I’ve noticed that it’s not always the same. Our relationship with Him is sometimes husband-bride, sometimes parent-child, sometimes brotherly, sometimes other relationships – all described as metaphors in the bible.


For example recently I have been settling into the whole bride-bride groom symbolism, and thinking deeply about how He treats me and how He wants me to treat my future bride.

Then when it came time to intercede for Afghanistan, I wasn’t hearing so much from Him, and I griped about it and said it wouldn’t be good if I ignored my future bride as He was now ignoring me.

Warrior mode

Then the Holy Spirit seemed to drop into me that the relationship had changed to an army metaphor. We were about to intercede and help someone. So now the army metaphor was the way we were relating. And I know for myself that during intercession I go into “warrior” mode where I feel much less and am much less emotional.

Shepherd and sheep

Another metaphor for our relationship with Jesus Christ is Shepherd and sheep. So it makes a lot of sense to me that we shouldn’t always be yearning for the intimacy of a bride and Bridegroom, when Jesus Christ might be guiding us from one feeding location, through a few gates, across a dangerous open plain, through a few more gates and then to water and more food and safety. It’s the wrong metaphor and leads to wrong expectations and disappointment.

Wow. And that makes so much sense to me. I don’t like it, because I desire intimacy ALL OF THE TIME… but I do understand it.

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