Peace is increasing!

You might have seen my recent posts showing how Jesus Christ finally opened the River Murray mouth. Not only that, but He saved the wheat belt too. Before His intervention one farmer was committing suicide every two days. It took many seasons of rains and He had to fill up all of the dams on the eastern seaboard… but one way or the other… the Murray River mouth is now open and water is flowing out of it into the sea.

Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]Eph 3:20

So I am excited to see continued movement towards another prophecy Jesus Christ has made: peace everywhere.

Where did it all start?

As far as I can tell, this was my first post on this topic: Signs of life, posted on 2 December 2008

Then I wrote two posts in which I highlighted the changes in Iraq and I also made a note of the first-ever decline in cancer rates.

Then in this post: An end to conflicts and revival, posted on 19 May 2009 Jesus Christ made two commitments:

  1. Claim 1: Revival everywhere
  2. Claim 2: The end of conflicts in the world

A few days later God spoke audibly to me again, as I recorded in this post: An end to conflicts and revival…, posted on 17 September 2009. I wrote:

  1. I expect the Presence of God/Jesus Christ to increase in the world (Is 60:19-20, Is 65:24, Rev 21:3) and as a result, I expect that revival will begin to come to any part of the earth where people are using their faith to receive from Him
  2. I expect to see the healing of all the nations to begin and continue (Rev 22:2) and as a result, I expect that sickness, distress and wars will decrease and then entirely stop (Is 60:18, Is 60:20, Is 65:19, Is 65:25, Rev 21:4)
  3. I expect people to live a lot longer and for death and decay to cease to be a problem (Is 65:20)
  4. I expect everyone in the earth have a home and live in it, everyone will have work and enjoy their work (Is 65:23)

Revival certainly has begun right across the earth. So to the second item: the end of conflicts… or… a general peace.

2009 – South Africa

The good news keeps on coming in SA, posted on 25 September 2009… in this post I showed the crime stats had declined by over 10%!!!

SAPS Crimes stats – while extremely high – show decline, some by over 10%! (local copy of PDF file)


2009 – USA

Violence shall no more be heard in your land, nor devastation or destruction, posted on 4 January 2009… in that post I excitedly showed the trend in crime is now DOWN in the USA…

la-homicidesWhile the nation’s preliminary crime statistics won’t be released by the FBI until spring, a review of unofficial figures released by 25 of the 52 police departments in cities with a population of over 350,000 showed 15 of the 25 had fewer slayings last year than in ’07.

2010 – the USA

During the Soccer World Cup tournament… there was no crime – Jacob Zuma, posted on 14 July 2010

Can you imagine a time of NO crime? With 600,000 visitors crammed into the country, NO CRIME.

FBI (USA) Finds Violent Crime Rates Dropped Last Year – Murder, aggravated assault, rape all down – By Lisa Wade McCormick – – September 13, 2010

Three ways to look at the FBI crime stats – September 13, 2010 – By Rina Palta

Crime rate drops in USA

FBI Official – Crime in the United States 2009 report

2010 – South Africa

South Africa murder rate shows sharp fall – He also said that 46 of South Africa’s 50 most wanted criminals had been arrested.
* Murder: Down 8.6%source
* Street robbery: Down 10.4%
* Sexual offences: Down 4.4%
* Carjacking: Down 6.8 %
* Violent robbery: Down 7.5%
* cash-in-transit heists dropped by 7.3% – source

This is an amazing image… look at all the green down arrows!

Crime down across South Africa

USA, South Africa… but what about the rest of the world in 2010?

I have been tracking the ending of wars across the world. Admittedly there hasn’t been a LOT of improvement there, but still… I see significant changes and “green shoots”.

And then there were 8! (Peace everywhere prophecy), posted on 12 April 2010

For local cities and countries, I haven’t bumped into stats for crime trends in the rest of the world. Perhaps you can send me links to some?

What can we learn from all of this?

The bottom line is this. ONLY Jesus Christ (YHWH, El) predicted all these changes 2,500 years ago… and now He has said they will happen… and now they ARE happening.

No other religion has predicted this. No other world institution predicted it. In fact, the opposite is true, all studies inidicated that nations will fight over the remaining resources (and in particular water).

No other God is able to shoot an arrow from 2,500 years ago and have it hit it’s target 2,500 years later.

There is only one God and Jesus Christ is His Name. No other God is able to predict what will happen with 2500 year accuracy. No other God says that IT IS NOW TIME and then the changes begin, with incredible accuracy.


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