Edom is a sign

As I lay in the bath last night, marvelling at the work of the Holy Spirit, I heard His voice say quietly to me “Edom is a sign“.

I have been struggling with the concept of Edom. What purpose does it fufill? And these words from God resolve the problem for me. Edom is a sign, to the whole world.

Why a sign? Many people (Christians included) struggle to accept that Haiti was from God. We resist the notion that Jesus Christ left the Earth SO THAT the Holy Spirit can come – and the Holy Spirit will teach us three specific things:

  1. About sin
  2. About judgement
  3. About righteousness

Jesus Christ Himself explained that these are the three things the Holy Spirit will teach us about. And we need to listen! We need to understand what sin is, we need to understand that the consequence of sin is death (or in a sense: judgement) an the solution is righteousness (Jesus Christ on the cross).

We ALL sin. I have written about my own sins and addictions on this blog many times. I have sinned. And I was under judgement, just as this whole world is.

But I have learned about righteousness… about Jesus Christ.

And if you are reading this blog, you are seeing the righteousness of Jesus Christ in action as our prayers set this world free.

So what was Haiti? Judgement.

And what is Edom going to be? A sign, an undeniable sign, of judgement. A sign that the world must pay attention. It’s getting late. You simly must take action. Now. You must enter into righteousness.

The only way to do that, is to accept the One Perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God.