An encouragement from 2007

I hope you are praying for Afghanistan. Meantime let me encourage you with this message, from waaaay back in 2007!

We will destroy the enemy SUDDENLY “in the end” – Posted on 21 May 2007

But the judgment shall be set [by the court of the Most High], and they

shall take away his dominion to consume it [gradually] and

to destroy it [suddenly] in the end. – Dan 7:26

Here are some facts you might or might not know…

The global prayer movement is growing at an exponential rate. It is believed that there are more people praying on earth now than in all of human history.

The web site of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke reports that the ministry of Christ for all Nations has seen over 44 million documented salvations since 2000.

Based on the Gospel of Luke, the “JESUS” film has now been translated into more than 1,000 languages, with a new language being added nearly every week.

Since 1979, the “JESUS” film has been viewed by several billion people all across the globe, and has resulted in more than 225 million men, women and children indicating decisions to follow Jesus.

Campus Crusade for Christ produced the JESUS Film. They report that every four seconds, somewhere in the world, another person indicates a decision to follow Christ after watching the “JESUS” film. Every four seconds… that’s 21,600 people per day, 648,000 per month and more than 7.8 million per year!

It is said that there are more Christians alive now than in ALL of past history.

Read more in this PDF: The coming Kingdom of God Century

God bless you!