DAFF EC areas shrink further still!

I really wanted to title this post “read it and weep bitches!” but I won’t, I’m too classy for that. Hehehe. But yes I am absolutely stoked to see the work of the Holy Spirit. Woohoo!

If you are wondering what on earth I am going on about, then take a moment to read this…

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What I have below is the first and then the most recent official DAFF (Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) images and links to their PDFs.

The areas highlighted are in drought conditions. This concept called “EC” appears to been created in 2004 (although I could be wrong).

Just watch as the amount of color on the map shrinks and shrinks, as the Holy Spirit waters Australia, just as He said He would.

EC/IA as at July 15 2008 – this is the map which I prayed over, with the leading of the Holy Spirit. You see each of those names of places? I prayed over each one, three times a day, day after day – until the rain came in those areas. Thank You Jesus!! His victory on the cross is all sufficient!! He is a national treasure!!


EC as at July 15 2008


And now look: EC as at July 10 2010 (PDF version)


EC as at 29 June 2010


What an improvement hey? Woohoo! And with the rain this calendar year, and the opening of the Murray River Mouth… next year’s map will be even better. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!