Background information about the Walikale, DRC situation

I don’t know if you have been following this story, but well established international groups are saying that 15,000 people (women AND men) have been raped in/near Walikale which is near to Kivu – in the DRC.

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I have some discomfort about this story, an unease. Perhaps that is because of my own history. This story is very well documented by many notable sources including the UN:

UN Warns of DRC Army Atrocities in Kivus – VOA News – Margaret Besheer | United Nations 14 October 2010

This is a disturbing story – but please take the time to read it, let it affect you, and then join me in prayer. You know by now that our prayers make a big difference.


UN official on sexual violence in conflict, Margot Wallström


Calling the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) the “rape capital of the world,” top UN official Margot Wallstrom urged the Security Council to end impunity for the perpetrators of such crimes. – Radio Netherlands Worldwide – 29 April 2010 –

Congo women relive terror of mass rape: ‘This is our cry for help’ – UN representative meets victims as international criminal court sends team to investigate sexual assaults on villagers – Guardian UK – Lindsey Hilsum in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo 12 October 2010

Shedla Abedi’s age was no protection when the rapists came to her village.

“Imagine – a young boy of 20, and me aged 62, old enough to be his grandmother,” she said. She pointed to a frail, older woman walking with a stick. “Her too,” she said, “And she’s over 80.”

The women of Kampala village, where 35 were raped, still sleep in the forest at night, for fear the rapists will return. Earlier this month, they gathered in the village to tell their troubles to Margot Wallstrom, the UN secretary general’s special representative on sexual crime in conflict.

Sexual violence in Congo – hearing the women’s stories – Channel 4 News – Wednesday 13 October 2010

The endemic sexual violence which has plagued the eastern DRC since war started there in 1994 has been reported hundreds of times, and become something of a “cause celebre” on college campuses in the USA and amongst women’s groups worldwide. It is not an unreported story.

But journalism hasn’t stopped it. People think that if we report something that in itself will make a difference. But it doesn’t. We all know “something must be done”, yet what and how? And by whom?

That “whom” can be you and me. Us. In prayer, declaring the truth of what Jesus Christ has done for these people.

It affects everyone

And please remember, it’s not only women being raped. Men too.

“We can no longer think that sexual violence is just violence against women perpetrated by men, it is about everybody,” said Lawry. She added that action to combat sexual violence “must now include men and boys”, starting with UN policy documents which have until now focused on female survivors. ”Nearly 40 percent of women and more than 23 percent of men surveyed reported having suffered sexual assault, mostly rape – Poster in Goma, eastern DRC, warning of the penalties for rape – Posted by africanpress on August 10, 2010

UN Security Council Urged to Take Quick Action on DRC Rape Report – VOA News – Joe DeCapua 15 October 2010

Last year

Before we get to the details, let me share with you something I learned a year ago when the Holy Spirit had me pray for the end of the civil war which was occuring in the DRC at that time (see: Join me in praying for peace in the DRC). The good news is that the war DID end (see: The signs of change are in the earth).

One of the things I learned back then – and perhaps the Holy Spirit caused me to see it, so that we can pray about it now – is this: in that region people rape to acquire spiritual power.

Congo soldiers raping for supernatural powers – May 10, 2009 – The Age

Government troops sodomised pygmies in March in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), believing they would gain supernatural powers, a regional rights group said yesterday.

“Some soldiers from the 85th Brigade sodomised three male pygmies to gain supernatural powers and protection in Kisa village in Walikale territory,” said the Human Rights League of the Great Lakes (LDGL).

Did you notice?

Did you notice from that in both sets of stories (during the war last year, and now this year) it was the same uniformed people raping, and in the very same area? Walikale Territory. Surely there is no coincidence. Their motivation is the same, they think they will gain spiritual power.