Jesus Christ loves His bride

Originally this blog was called “My life as a Christian” because I wanted to record the normal ups and downs that Christians have. I had no idea it would turn into 1,000 posts and half a million visitors and so many wonderful and deep virtual relationships!

In my walk I have learned a lot about God’s heart. I have learned about His hate for sin, about His perfect and unreachable standards, about His deep and abiding love for all people.

During my walk, which started as a young boy… I learned these things personally. I learned about His hatred of sin through His rejection of me. I learned about His acceptance through His acceptance of me. I learned about His desire to be believed, because He showed it to me.

I also have learned of His love for His bride through my own life experience.

“I have come to a place of knowing deeply how Jesus Christ feels about His bride.

I have learned is that Jesus Christ loves His bride. He is always praying for her. He loves her. His love is ongoing for her. He longs for her, every day. Her name is on His mind. He thinks about her.

wherever she is, whoever she is with, whatever she thinks of Him, whatever lies she has been told, whatever misconceptions she has… He is still waiting for her to come to Him.

We – His bride – matters to Him. He waits for us.”

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