The world’s Outside Context Problem (OCP)

I wrote this…

THINK TANKS. I feel sorry for these people… and for people in general actually. Our way of managing the world has gone unchallenged by Jesus Christ/God for soooo loooong that we simply cannot imagine that this world actually belongs to Someone Else. So now that the rules are changing, think tanks will be completely confused. What is occuring is outside of their capacity to comprehend.

And a good friend asked me the following question…

Have you heard the phrase “Outside Context Problem”?

I looked it up and Wikipedia describes very accurately…

“The Culture deals with an Outside Context Problem (OCP), the kind of problem “most civilisations would encounter just once, and which they tended to encounter rather in the same way a sentence encountered a full stop.”

This is a problem that is “outside the context” as it is generally not considered until it occurs, and the capacity to actually conceive of or consider the OCP in the first place may not be possible or very limited

(i.e., the majority of the group’s population may not have the knowledge or ability to realize that the OCP can arise, or assume it is extremely unlikely).

An example of OCP is an event in which a civilization does not consider the possibility that a much more technologically advanced society can exist, and then encounters one. ” – Wikipedia

I would say that the world is not currently being “rebellious towards God” – or at least I hope not! – instead I would say that the world is facing an OCP. This world and the leaders within it simply cannot conceive of what is occuring, and therefore is unable to adjust to what is occuring.

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