Some good news and thanks for Afghanistan prayers

Thank You Jesus Christ for what You did on the cross… and thank You Jesus for Your loyal believers who prayed for Afghanistan when You called on us.

The first time He asked us to pray, this occurred: “Almost a miracle” Afghanistan poll – 20 Sept

Then He asked us to pray again. What happened? Why the excitement? There are more and more reports of people putting down their weapons…

He said that ‘hundreds and hundreds’ of Taliban combatants had laid down their arms, or declared their willingness to reintegrate into society. ‘This alone is not enough to solve the problem, but it helps,’ he said. Deutsche Press – ISAF sees a change in trend in Afghanistan, spokesman says – Nov 3, 2010, 8:42 GMT

Reintegration programmes in Afghanistan have apparently inspired some fighters to surrender their weapons. – Al Jazeera – Some Taliban giving up weapons

I had thought that we would need to wait a year until we can see IF this sad war-wracked country is improving, or not.

But I had forgotten that in past prayer efforts some of the local militias had laid down their weapons and had begun to re-integrate back into the communities. This makes a lot of sense because it is the spiritual forces behind the conflict which we are dealing with. We are NOT opposing anyone NOR are we backing anyone. We are praying for the welfare of the people and by extension for the country…

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,

but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. – Eph 6:12

When people prayed for the DRC we saw militias voluntarily give themselves up and get repatriated back to Rwanda. When praying for Iraq a massive army laid down it’s weapons. I documented this over the years and documented it again in this post: Lifting up the shield of faith in Afghanistan, Iraq, DRC

This is a part of a series…


One response to “Some good news and thanks for Afghanistan prayers


    Dear Bro. Mark Wilson,
    Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name!
    I am very glad to inform you that God’s Spirit is working in a special way in our midst for His own glory.
    A Praise Points: God is changing persecutor’s heart:
    Sis. Aimazan’s brother (his name is Mohammed Arizul Shaike) was always against her & his own mother (Mrs. Moyazan) as they both have taken decision to follow Christ Jesus in the midst of all kinds of oppositions & threats by the radical Muslims. Just two years ago, while a group of radical Muslims asked Mohammed Arizul to choose either his own mother & sister or to remain with the radical Muslims group. He decided to be with the radical Muslims and disowned his mother & Sister and other family members those who accepted Jesus in their lives.
    From last two years, Mohammed Arizul started to torture his own mother & sister and family members both physically & mentally. He used to spits on them whenever he saw them. But dear believer sisters Aimazan, Moyazan & other accepted everything gladly by His grace. They are regularly praying for Arizul & other members of the radical Muslim groups.
    Now God has touched and done great things in the life of Mohammed Arizul for His own glory. Last week Mohammed Arizul went to his mother (Mrs. Moyazan) and talked to her and then he also talked with Sis. Aimazan and asked her some food to eat. Aimazan offered food to him and God made his heart soft for His own glory. At present Mohammed Arizul and Fakir Shaike are not disturbing or torturing to our believer family. Fakir Shaike’s wife (Mrs.Jahema) is helping to our feeding program to the children. She is gladly cooking food for the children on Sunday. Praise The Lord!
    I humbly request you kindly continue uphold me, family & believers at Khoda – E- Jamat Ibadat Khana (worship centre).
    With regards,
    Pastor Bashir

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