What is the Spirit saying?

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” –Winston Churchill

I hope this quote doesn’t apply to you 🙂

I’ve just spent an hour or two in prayer using these scriptures that He gave to me and which I shared with you. These are the verses He called “a new prayer”, so now my prayers are just focussed around these…

21And in that day the Lord will visit and punish the host of the high ones on high [the host of heaven in heaven, celestial beings] and the kings of the earth on the earth.

22And they will be gathered together as prisoners are gathered in a pit or dungeon; they will be shut up in prison, and after many days they will be visited, inspected, and punished or pardoned.

23Then the moon will be confounded and the sun ashamed, when [they compare their ineffectual fire to the light of] the Lord of hosts, Who will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, and before His elders will show forth His glory. – Is 24:21-23

Why do I spend time believing what Jesus Christ says? Reinhard Bonnke puts it so well…

Faith transfers the power of God to wherever it is needed. REINHARD BONNKE

So I spent a few hours simply confessing His promises, speaking them in faith, seeing them with eyes of faith, accepting that Jesus Christ’s work on the cross is finished… at the end of my prayer time I saw Jesus breathing on the whole world and it was enveloped in white, and His breath seems to remind me of “be filled with the Holy Spirit”.

This world is about to come to a place of peace by Sept 2011. Total peace.

And along the way to there we will experience vast numbers of salvations and an immense pouring out of His Holy Spirit on all flesh. If you would like to pray for that, then please use the words He gave me: Let the fire of God fall on all nations in the Name of Jesus Christ

His love will be a divine canopy of love over us. What a nice image eh?

May I encourage you to synch up with what He is doing. Think of how He led the Jews into the Holy Land. As He moved, they moved with Him. Pray these verses with me 🙂

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