Help for Haiti

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NOTE I first wrote this down on this blog in 2010 but the original events are in 2007-8. Im highlighting it now just for completeness.

I am watching what is happening in Haiti with dismay…

Rage in the time of Cholera – Der Spiegel

 Read: Help for Haiti

Protesters carry stones during a protest against the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti, or MINUSTAH. Popular rumor in Haiti has it that Nepalese members of the mission — in the country to provide aid after January’s devastating earthquake — emptied latrines into a river, upstream of the first known cholera case in the Caribbean in fifty years.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – NOVEMBER 17:  Members of a Haitian Ministry of Health body-collection team take the body of Lucienne Louis, 48, from her home to a vehicle where they pile her body onto other victims of the cholera epidemic to dispose of them on November 17, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The bodies had been collected from homes, the street and a hospital as Haiti’s cholera epidemic has killed more than 1,000 and sickened thousands. Unable to find other sites to dispose of the bodies they ended up at Titanyen the site of the mass grave for victims of the earthquake in January, where, after negotiating with the local mayor, they were able to dump the bodies in anticipation of them being buried. Doctors say poor sanitary conditions after January’s earthquake made the country vulnerable to cholera, which is caused by bacteria transmitted through contaminated water or food.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The epidemic started in northwestern Haiti, and hospitals are overwhelmed. The Red Cross warns that if the disease rages through tent cities around the capital, Port-au-Prince, there will be “an unprecedented human tragedy.” The first reported cases hit the capital in early November.

Haiti appears to lurch from one disaster to the next. It’s a microcosm of this whole world in a way, but it’s so much more intense there.

I have missionary friends there and I am seriously considering seeing if I can go there and pray and intercede and bring peace and stability to that country through Jesus Christ.

Grassy Park peace

As an example of what can be achieved, I was recently in a car with a friend and we drove through an area called “Grassy Park“. If there is one thing Grassy Park is known for, it’s drugs and violence. (See this PDF).  As we drove through there I could not believe that THIS was the famed Grass Park. Apart from one single  spot where there was a powerful spiritual force that related to drugs – obviously just biding it’s time – the rest of the place was at peace and the people were at peace. People had painted their houses with fresh coats of paint – which is always an excellent sign of urban renewal.

Lavender Hill peace

Another friend is reaching out in Lavender Hill and he also reports that all shootings have stopped there. Lavender Hill is known to be even more violent than Grassy Park!

Mowbray peace

Another neighbourhood called Mowbray – not known for anything in particular – was reported in a local newspaper yesterday as having the lowest crime rate in 20 years.

Bridgetown peace

When I first moved back here I spent some time with the Bridgetown community. As I drove to the church I got a bit lost. As I meandered around the community I got a chance to see couples walking hand in hand in the early evening. I could see – spiritually – that this area had been through deep darkness until recently. So I stopped to ask directions, and I chatted to some locals. They confirmed that until the recent months no one could venture out at night. Now there was peace in the area. Amazing huh?

Where are Bridgetown, Lavender Hill and Grassy Park?

Are you listening? It doesn’t matter if Jesus is uncool, but He does save! I don’t care if good news doesn’t sell newspapers, so what? People need the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Peace in Australia too

This is not a local “Seth Effriken” phenomenon. Right at the start of learning about prayer from the Holy Spirit, I suspected that I needed to keep records of existing conditions so that I can track the changes. So all the way back in 2007 when I first began to apply myself to this, I began to keep records. Here, for the first time, is the evidence collected in those first few months.

I lived n Ngunnawal which is neighbourhood watch area 214. Ngunnawal is in Gungahlin which is in the ACT. In 2007 the population of Gungahlin was 35,000+ people. By 2008 it had grown to 38,000 because so many new suburbs opened up nearby. The place was and probably still is booming.

I have the local crime stats here with me. I have kept them safe for 4 years. The underlying stats are broken down into assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, other theft and criminal damage. I am only showing the totals:

  • Jan 40
  • Feb 47
  • March 31
  • April 28
  • May 25
  • June 28
  • July 19
  • Aug ?  (in the chart below I just used an average of July 19 and Sept 11, being 15)
  • Sept 11

Declining violence in Ngunnawal Gungahlin ACT Australia

As you can see, despite almost 10% growth in people, the crime rate declined by 75% in just 10 months.

I need your support to make a difference

As I have bemoaned several times in this blog, I have little or no income. I am forced to serve two masters (God and mammon) and this is totally unscriptural. Jesus said clearly NO ONE can serve two masters.

No, I don’t care what some of the “formal in a building church” teach. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Some churches may have compromised the gospel, but I don’t want to.

The Holy Spirit recently said to me “don’t move Jesus to the side and don’t make church an idol“. I am not a disciple of church. I follow Jesus. I am a disciple of Jesus.

Church is where I find fellowship and where I have community and where what Jesus is doing through me will some day be recognised. But I’m not going to wait for that… I follow Jesus Christ and I go where the Holy Spirit leads me.

So here it is… I am praying about going to Haiti in order to intercede and help the people there.

Will you financially support me and help me go?

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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