See you on the other side

Hello dear readers. Every now and then I take a break. And this is one of those times 🙂

I fear for the times we have ahead of us. I can sleep well because no matter what comes now, I have done my utmost best to encourage you and to show you the way out.

I hear that the dams in the Australian wheatbelt are low again. Sigh. It reminds me of a saying. I will paraphrase it. “I can lead countries and political leadership and church leadership to water, but I can’t make you drink it”.

If in future your country needs help and you realise that global this and co-operative that is not doing it… then just remember what this blog showed you is possible when you have real faith in Jesus Christ.

I am also ending/curtailing my FB presence.

God bless you.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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