Christians praying for our Muslim brothers

Are you following the troubles in #tunisia #egypt #Bahrain #Libya #Yemen #Algeria #djibouti #jordan #gabon #saudi #iran and others? I’d like to share with you some prayer strategies that God is showing me.

FIRSTLY, let’s recognise some foundational issues. God promised to bless Abraham and his descendants. God promised to be GOD to Abrahams descendants. Abraham had a son called Ishmael and God explicitly promised to make Ishmael a great nation – which He has! But Sarah rejected Hagar and eventually Ishmael relocated away from Isaac and he went to live in Midian, which is in Saudi Arabia.

PRAYER POINT: In your prayers restate your faith that God is the God of ALL of Abraham’s descendants, and that includes Muslims who descend from Ishmael. Pray that God will reveal Himself to Muslims all over the world, as He promised to. Have faith that God is true to His word.

SECONDLY, let’s take note that Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. Both Hagar and Ishmael suffered *rejection* when Sarah sent her away into the desert. Ishamel eventually moved all the way to Midian in Arabia.

PRAYER POINT: In your prayers declare that on the cross, Jesus Christ took ALL sin upon Himself. So in your prayer state clearly that “all sin” includes the sin of rejection. In your prayers declare with faith that the bitter root has been pulled out, on the cross of Jesus Christ!

THIRDLY: God made His promise to Abraham’s children. Then God then repeated His promises to Isaac (Abraham’s other son). That is why God sometimes calls Himself the God of Abraham and Isaac. Isaac then had a son called Esau. Esau also suffered rejection and eventually also moved to Midia where he united with Abraham’s son ishmael.

PRAYER POINT: In your prayers believe that God’s promises to be GOD to Isaac’s children are still true today. He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow! Ask Him to reveal Himself to Isaac’s children – Esau.

PRAYER POINT: In faith declare the truth that Jesus christ pulled out the bitter root of rejection in Esau when he felt rejected by his family and moved to Midian to unite with Abraham’s son, Ishmael. Jesus christ died with the sins of the WHOLE WORLD on Himself, and that includes all sin which acts in the lives of Ishmael and Esau stemming from the rejection.

Prayer warriors – this region needs you. Now is the time for prayer, not just a once off prayer, but intercession. Daily. Hourly. If you take a stand during this time, you can say to your kids that you were a part of this. 🙂

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