30 days of prayer in August – guidelines and suggestions

Will you join in a daily prayer? I will list the prayer here on my blog and then we all collectively take a stand for Jesus Christ in this world. He is our only hope. The consequence of sin is death… and death is what we are seeing more and more of.

But there can also be good news. As a friend reminded me on Facebook this morning, Jesus Christ sits on the mercy seat. He is available to be called on. Let us call on Him. Let us declare His Lorsship over all these situations and problems and the people of the Earth.

I will post a short prayer each day for 30 days. Please decide to participate. Decide if you can make 5 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour available to declare God’s words and God’s Word (Jesus Christ) over this world.

A marathon, not a sprint

When praying, may I suggest you take a MARATHON approach, not a sprint approach. Don’t rush out of the gate in the first few days and fade. Instead approach this as a marathon and pace yourself, building strength as you go, instead of getting tired as you go.

Pray where you feel led to

I also suggest you pray for someonewhere that is on your heat. It could be

  • your home country,
  • or the world’s most powerful country – the USA,
  • or the famine in the horn of Africa (Somalia),
  • or Iran and the bloodshed against it’s own citizens there,
  • or God’s bride His church,
  • or Muslims around the world as they fast in their holy month of Ramadan.

Whatever you choose, get a map of the place and declare the scripture over the parts of the country, or over the countries.

Go boldly before the throne

State the scripture in bold faith, with conviction.

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. – Heb 4:16

Map USA 50 States

As an example, if you pray over the USA, then pray the scripture over as many of the states as you feel led to.

That could take 10-15 minutes if you declare God’s words over all 50 states.

In other words you would be saying the same scripture over each state, one by one.

Map Muslim Countries

If you are praying for Muslims, as they go through very troubled times in so many countries, then declare God’s words over each Muslim country, one by one.

The map to the left shows the % of Muslim people in each country of the world. It’s up to you which ones you feel to pray over.

You can use this guide to pray for Muslims.

Somali Food Crisis

If you pray over the famine in the Horn of Africa, what the world is over-simplifying as Somalia, then you can use the map to the left and point at each region.

You are declaring God’s unfailing words. His words which never return to Him void.

If you are feeling tired that day, then declare over less areas, giving yourself a rest for that day.

NOTE: 7 September 2011

Al Shabaab’s Withdrawal from Mogadishu

By Katherine Zimmerman
August 7, 2011

Al Shabaab, the al Qaeda-linked militant group in Somalia, abruptly vacated key bases in Mogadishu Saturday morning. The militants left in trucks, heading toward strongholds in southern and central Somalia. Al Shabaab leaders confirmed the departure.

Remember that it’s a spiritual war

Remember, we are warring in the heavenlies, so take this as a marathon, not a sprint.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. – Eph 6:12

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