The Aussie rain miracles – the end of the story

UPDATE: 23 April 2012 – I just found God speaking in advance about the rain which was to come and which was documented in my series…

  • Rain is Coming – R Holmes – 14th of May, 2005 – 6th of June 2007 – During prayer at the Apostolic Summit, in Rockhampton, QLD the spirit of the Lord provoked me with this question, “Robert, what would it look like if I gave authority to just one man, to bring and then to break a drought? I did so in the days of Elijah. I can find just one person to turn the tide in these events.”
  • Rain is Coming (FULFILLMENTS)

Do you remember this post? DAFF EC areas shrink further still!

Now let’s take a look at how things have progressed. Look at the declining amount of brown in this animated gif. The first one is 2008. The second is 2010. The third is 2011!

Watch the brown and yellow drought areas disappear!

In the maps the yellow and brown bits are areas in drought (Brown means EC – Exceptional Circumstancea areas and the yellow areas are IC – Interim Circumstances)

15 July 2008

Take a look at what % of the country is either brown or yellow… PDF Version, online DAFF PDF version

Aussie National EC 15 July 2008

10 July 2010

By 2010 there was not so much brown area and NO yellow areas… PDF version

Aussie National EC 10 July 2010

16 June 2011

By 2011 almost all brown areas gone! PDF Version or online DAFF PDF Version

Aussie National 16 June 2011

But pause to take note of the bit of brown near Melbourne. That is the “River Murray and Lower Lakes Corridor”… in other words, the River Murray Mouth!

3 October 2008 – The Murray WILL flow  again

Now let’s go back to 3 October 2008 I wrote…

The Murray is not flowing again – yet – but I know that I know that God  has said that the ancient rivers will flow again. The Murray WILL flow  again and we need to be ready to give Jesus Christ the praise that He  deserves. To claim we somehow did it, is to be extremely disrespectful,  it’s to deny the hopelessness of the situation and to refuse to give Him  the credit that is due to Him. Let’s not do that. Ok? – The Aussie rain miracles – faith, part 1

7th September 2010 – Murray River (finally) begins to run

and now let’s fast forward to exactly one year ago today – 7th September 2010

and now the river of the mouth can be opened up. It was kept closed to keep sea water out. But now the river has finally reached the coast, and the mouth can be opened. The debate that was raging, to simply give up and let the sea water come into the river system, dooming the fauna and flora, can now we ended. – Flooded with hope – will our rivers flow? Bryan Littlely March 09, 2010 12:01AM

7th September 2011 – Erasing Jesus Christ

Every blessing that I am showing in this blog post has come about through Jesus Christ’s gift on the cross. It is through absolutely nothing else.

So it is with sadness that I note that people are planning to erase Jesus Christ from the school curriculum. The result will be a future generation of children will no longer perceive Jesus Christ to be the turning point of human history.

  • Australia gets PC and drops BC from curriculum – Peter Jensen, the Archbishop of Sydney, said that taking references to the birth  of Christ out of schoolbooks was an “intellectually absurd attempt to write  Christ out of human history”.
  • For Christ’s sake: AD and BC ruled out of date for national curriculum   – In this post, in a vote of 10,906 the NO vote got 60.55% (6604 votes)… in other words 60.55% of people DON’T want this change. This Australia is a democractic country, perhaps there is still time to recognise the immense blessing that Jesus Christ has heaped on this lovely country and avoid disrescting Him.

Would you like to intercede for peace in your country or in the world? All you need to do is get a map of the area you want to pray for and get this list of scriptures (or download the MS Word version) and speak each scripture out over the area you are praying for. It’s as easy as that.


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  2. please mark help! I don’t believe I happened across you by mistate. Its my so ben jr. i don’t know where to start, I can see satan in him, please pray for him, thru it all he has a good heart, its like he’s control by some forces, this has been going on nearly 30 yrs, ben’s 34 now please help him. please!

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