Increasing peace

Some time in 2008 I felt God was saying this point had been reached:

“Now will I arise,” says the LORD. “Now will I be exalted; nowwill I be lifted up. – Is 33:10

Then in 2009 I blogged that I believed that God was making two prophetic claims:

  1. There would be peace everywhere
  2. There will be revival everywhere (the Holy Spirit being poured out)

You can follow the story from start to wherever we are now…

Where are we now?

Well… do you want the good news… or the good news? In addition to the places listed above…

Violence has greatly diminished,  or disappeared completely, in places like  Chad, Haiti, Nigeria, Ivory Coast. – Strategy Page

The war in Somalia has not stopped, but there has been a big change and aid agencies are able to get in and feed people. This change came IMMEDIATELY after God moved His people to pray for Somalia.

“MOGADISHU — African Union and Somali government forces on Monday seized strategic positions from Islamist insurgents in an offensive to flush out the last pockets of rebellion in Mogadishu.” – ReliefWeb

US troops are withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. These are no longer “long wars” that will take multiple-generations to fight.

“Arab Spring” democratic movements

The list of countries that have entered into democracy – in one form or another – or whose citizens are clamoring for freedoms and democracy, is astonishing. These include at the time of writing:  Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco,Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara – according to this Arab Spring post from Wikipedia.

“Occupy” democratic 2.0 movements

Even in existing democracies there is a movement to greatly enhance existing democracy. In September 2011 a new movement broke out in the US. At this time of writing there are protest movements in 492 cities and I have no doubt that we are seeing the seeds of something entirely new being established in those democracies. I call it Democracy 2.0 (or Democracy+)

Here are two links that give you the back story of how it suddenly got started…

“In a matter of weeks, Occupy Wall Street has grown from a small group of protesters squatting in New York’s Zuccotti Park to a national movement,” Mr. Olbermann said on his program Tuesday night. “Support from organized labor and progressive groups is increasing by the day, while the protesters — who were once sneered at by most national media and The New York Times — are now part of the testimony on Capitol Hill, part of the conversation on the campaign trail, and part of the calculations on Wall Street.” – NY Times

1) Wars ending 2) Increased turmoil 3) Less wars starting

So there is an increase in turmoil in the world and if we view the Wikipedia map of ongoing conflicts

Ongoing Conflicts 2011

NOTE: I don’t think that Wikipedia map is correct?! It lists western Sahara as a conflict zone, but this Wikipedia article says there is a cease fire with no major disturbances. That is confirmed by this report written just 4 days ago.

I take encouragement that “only” 4 new wars have started so far in 2011… and if we look at the list, 3 of them are “Arab Spring” uprisings. These are not classic insurgencies or sectarian violence. The 4th is the South Kordofan Conflict within Sudan’s oil-rich area.

Would you like to intercede for peace in your country or in the world? All you need to do is get a map of the area you want to pray for and get this list of scriptures (or download the MS Word version) and speak each scripture out over the area you are praying for. It’s as easy as that.

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