Jesus Christ heals Vuyakazi’s leg through me

In the last few days the full scope of what lays ahead of us has hit home. Back in 2007 I warned about the financial crisis of 2008.

In 2008/9 I warned that if we didn’t do the right thing, worse would occur. Worse is now happening.

Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) — Billionaire investor George Soros said he’s “now on the side of the angels” who believe that financial markets have a responsibility to preserve human civilization. “I really think it matters for all of us, for humanity, for hedge-fund managers as other human beings, that our civilization should survive,” Soros said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Erik Schatzker in Davos, Switzerland, today. “I am right now on the side of the angels. Not an easy role to play.” Soros said he is among those “trying to keep the system together.” in trying to keep the global financial system and together. – Soros Says He’s Among ‘Angels’ Who Want Civilization to Survive – January 27, 2012, 7:54 AM EST

Again and again I hear Christian people asking for solutions. I know what God’s solution is… but a few times I have wondered why anyone would listen to me?

Jesus said that we would know that His disciples – the ones that He chose and whom He approves of and has given His Holy Spirit to – because they would be able to heal others and do works of power in His Name.

I’ve been involved in some pretty amazing stuff…

… but not healing people miraculously on an ongoing basis. Yes there have been SOME healings – thank You Jesus Christ – but not on-goingly. So why should people have to believe me, if God has not confirmed me as a disciple by enabling me to do what He said His disciples WILL do – and the very things that set His disciples apart from everyone else.

So last night that topic came up again and I prayed about it and my simple prayer was “Lord when You are ready to give me that authority to heal in Your Name, You will do it when the time is right”.

But my prayer times broke through something yesterday and where in the past years my prayers would result in terribly difficult backlash, now there was almost  no resistance and I could see clear visions of things taking place almost effortlessly.

So Im online again this morning and I see another prophecy and I enjoyed the explanation/interpretation and I know God has said the same thing to me (Hosea 3). And Ive been saying how I don’t want to, Im tired, Im exhausted inside, I cant, I don’t want to… and here is God again asking me to, very gently, very quietly.

All the way along He has been showing me time and again what He can do – and it’s virtually anything. You would be astonished if I told you the small things He has done. He’s been showing me why He knows what is coming and how certain His prophecies are and why they are certain.

So I go into town today and I’m dealing with a serious matter – but as I deal with it I can feel Him with me in this and I think of other people’s words in this and I seem to get insight and the right words at the right time and I know it will work out in my favour completely.

So I leave that place and I’m walking along and the Hosea 3 matter comes to mind again – the thing I don’t want to do – and I can feel God’s very gentle Presence with me and I think of all the many many many small proofs that He showed me… and I say yes to what I think He wants. I  don’t know where I got the courage to do it, Ive been resisting for months and saying to Him that Im tired and unhappy and unless the energy and courage comes from Him, I don’t want to any more. But it was effortless and easy, so said yes to what I think He wants.

Immediately I hear God say “I want you to“. That’s all I hear. Short. I wondered if I somehow cut Him off, or something?  🙂

Then I go to eat and they are playing worship music – Hillsong: God He reigns. Enjoy.

… and it’s just awesome. Food goes down so much better when people are singing Haaaaaleelluuuuujahhh!! in the background, don’t you think?

Yes I know this is a long post and I thank you for bearing with me on the back story.

So I go to catch the train, everything still feels quite comfortable, breezy, easy. I cruise down to the carriage. I decide to get onto the next carriage, not this one. I hop on and sit down next to the doorway area.

Shortly a lady comes up. I notice her leg seems still. Like it’s in a plaster cast, but I can’t see any cast? So struggles so much to get onto the train because her leg literally will not bend. I offer to help her get on. She declines and uses BOTH of the silver metal assists on BOTH sides of the doorway to pull herself onto the train.

She begins to sit on the other side of the doorway, away from me. Completely out of character, I tell her “sit over here so I can talk to you”. And she does.

Ive bought TWO cheap ice creams/sticks from the vendor and Im eating one of them, the chocolate one. The orange one is next! (It’s a very hot day).

I ask her what happened to her leg. She answers that she knocked it this morning and she is now in UNBEARABLE pain. I asked if she was a nurse and she said yes. She then said she has a specialist appointment for the morning at her work.

I keep slurping on my yummy ice cream. And I pipe up “are you a Christian?” and she says “yes” so I say “would you like me to pray for your leg?” and she says “yes”. So I tell her that I have two ice creams and I will pray for her after Ive had both. I take my sweet time slurping. The chocolate one ends, I casually unwrap the second one like there is no rush… and it falls on the floor! Plop!

So I take that as a hint and I dispose of it and go pray for her. I sit down next to her. I ask her permission to touch her leg, she says yes, I show her where I will put my hand, I ask her permission again, she says yes. So I quietly begin to pray. By now two people are watching us – a young girl sitting next to Vuyakazi and a tall athletic man sitting where I was until I moved next to Vuyakazi. There are probably more watching, but Im only aware of those two.

So I ask her to let me know if she feels ANYTHING at all. And Im praying for her leg, quietly, nothing out loud, and I have an open vision of her leg bending. And about 1 minute later she tells me that the pain has gone down! I stop praying and talk to her. She begins to bend her leg just a bit. 15% angle degree at most. Not much. But still… she couldn’t move it at all about 2 minutes before.

So we chat a bit and I ask her if she wants me to pray a bit more. She says yes and so on we go. I begin to think about how scripture says that Jesus Christ did what He did for three reasons

  1. The power of His Name (Who He is and all He represents)
  2. The power of the Holy Spirit working through Him
  3. He was doing what the Father was doing, saying what the Father was saying – the Father was working through Him

And right away I visibly saw her leg decrease in size! Her leg shrunk, the swelling simply went down. I actually WATCHED it go down!!  🙂

Right away she says “the pain is going” and I take my hand away and she tries to bend her leg.She can bend it and there is no pain. At times like this I try not to hassle the person, because I think their brain is freaking out, the impossible has just happened!

After a bit I ask her “how much better is it? 70% 90%” and she pauses, bends it a lot and replies “90%”. We are excited! Now she begins to tell me how much “unbearable” pain she WAS in earlier etc. and I ask her to focus on the good that Jesus Christ has done here and I remind her of some bible verses and she agrees to focus on the good that God is doing.

I look over that the tall athletic guy who was watching. He seems genuinely shocked, even freaked out! Wide eyes. Hehehe. Ive seen that look before when He raised a bird from the dead through me and another thin tall random guy simply could not cope with what he was seeing. Hehehehe.

I want to pray more and totally finish this off, but she says this is her station. I go back to my seat.

I watch her get up with no difficulty and she walks easily over to the same door that she struggled so hard to get through initially. I watch her step off the train with no problem, then watch her walk across the station and then up the stairs to the overpass – all without any assistance!

Whoohoo Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

So I turn to the young girl who was sitting next to Vuyakazi and I smile at her, and she is smiling and stunned, and I say something like “that so cool isn’t it?” and she says yes she has only ever seen that on TV! We smile and laugh together.

And at Vuyakazi’s station 4 people get onto the train. One of them has a guitar and squats down next to me in the doorway. He has two singers with him and another guy recording it on his phone. They jam, they sing, they rap… oh boy do they sing! I am so blessed to have them signing next to me. They are so close that his back touches my right arm. And their songs are awesome.

And I look over at the young girl and I blurt out “how cool was that?” and she laughs and is clearly still trying to  cope with what she just saw happen. She says “it was a miracle!”.

Then I get a word for two of the musicians and an encouragement and suddenly I’m at my station. I get off.

Blessings upon blessings! My cup is overflowing!!

3 responses to “Jesus Christ heals Vuyakazi’s leg through me

  1. What an awesome testimony! And how incredibly great to see, be part of
    a miracle, Jesus working through you!! I would love to see with my own eyes,
    His works of power. But even more, I would love for Jesus Christ to work through
    me like that.
    Thanks for blessing me with this testimony today!
    Ursula :))

  2. Mark, I should comment on here or on Facebook more than I do. I am blown away by the work God does through you! You are such an encouragement, and an example of how wonderfully and lovingly God heals us when we are broken.

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