Comparing Christianity and all religions worldwide

I’d like to explain my view of Christianity (and Jesus Christ) by comparing it with other religions.

In this post I will compare Christianity with almost all worldwide religions.

From a Christian perspective, in the beginning (before the world existed, before the fall) God had a list of names in a book (called the book of life) that He would spend eternity with. That book of life existed before this world began – and this is a very important point as you will see later.

He then built something that was “good” in His eyes. He then created men and women. He then did something that would cause humanity to begin a journey that would be perilous and would last for many thousands of years. But the key thing to remember is that He had already written down the names of the people who He would live with in eternity… and He wrote it down BEFORE the journey even began. THAT is how sure He is of the outcome.

But why? The answer is below…

[The purpose is] that through the church the complicated, many-sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects might now be made known to the angelic rulers and authorities (principalities and powers) in the heavenly sphere.

This is in accordance with the terms of the eternal and timeless purpose which He has realized and carried into effect in [the person of] Christ Jesus our Lord, – Eph 3:10-11

You see this whole journey is to prepare a bride for Jesus Christ, the Son of God! What He is demonstrating is the love of Jesus Christ. He is demonstrating His goodness towards us. There could be any number of things we will learn as we look back on this journey.

So the journey began. God made a world and people and said it is “very good”. Then God introduced a command, a law, and then sin became immediate active. What was the law? He said “dont eat”.

God had warned that the consequence of doing what He had told them not to do (sin) was to experience death. “In that day you will die”, He said. The word for death doesn’t only mean the final end of life in death, but it means the day to day experience of decay and hardship – the things that the force called death brings into our lives.

It is our sin – in all its forms – which gives death greater and greater power. I don’t see any scripture which indicates that Adam and Eve understood that they had an adversary named the devil or satan. Adam committed that first sin and with that death had its entry into this world. As we continued to sin, death grew in power over this world.

The bible is absolutely clear in Romans 5. Through that one man’s sin, death reigned over the whole world.

The serpent knew what he was doing. His plan was to increase his power of death, by causing us to keep on sinning. That same serpent shows up in almost every culture around the world.

You can find the serpent in the head dress of Egyptian rulers – it is a symbol of their relationship with the power of darkness.  Uraeus is the stylized, upright form of an Egyptian spitting cobra (asp, serpent, or snake), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt. This is the head dress for King Tutankhamun…

The serpent image can also be found in ancient Aztec, Mayan, Toltec and other South American cultures as well. You can click each of these links below to open a wikipedia page which shows the serpent image in that culture…

The Adena “mound builders” in America created an enormous winding serpent mound in 1350 AD.

Australian Aboriginal songlines can contain stories about the rainbow serpent. Australian Aboriginal people appear to be (generally speaking, in my experience) very spiritually aware and they believe many serpents are wound around massive rocks in areas such as the Devils Marbles. These areas are said to have the “devil-devil” in them and they become forbidden areas.

To view art about the rainbow serpent simply search for that in Google Images.

New age and eastern yoga teaches about a snake spirit called Kundalini which entwines itself on the spine and moves slowly up the spine to the base of the neck. Yoga positions are designed to prepare the person’s body to receive the Kundalini serpent spirit – and this is according the their own teachings.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake” or “serpent power”

The serpent that was first mentioned in 4000 BC in the garden of Eden can also be found on the side of ancient Hindu temples in remote areas long abandoned in Indonesia, and also on temples in the temple complex in Cambodia.

Just think about it… first mentioned in 4000 BC this same serpent pops up in almost every culture and in almost all religions – and (generally speaking).

In Norse mythology the serpent is called Jörmungandr and he is called the “world serpent” because he grew and grew until he surrounded the world and could bite his own tail.

The same serpent can be found in witchcraft and in druidic times in Europe. Serpent images are often on display at folk and other alternative events like burning man.

satan is behind all of it

Basically… from a Christian perspective… the serpent is present as a symbol in almost every religion that I know of. All of these are the same serpent which tricked Adam and Eve into sin in the book of Genesis. The name of that serpent was identified in 4000 BC as satan, or the devil. Since then he has gone on to found many countless religions in which he is worshipped.

Using the power of death

It is that same serpent which has gone on to enslave and wreak havoc in cultures all around the world by using the power of death.

Aztec and other South American cultures needed to sacrifice victims to appease the “gods” (the serpent) and this of course is a sin – to kill innocent people – and this sin in turn released more death into the hands of the serpent. With a more powerful serpent threatening the people, the people had to sacrifice still more innocent victims to appease him. With more sins, the power of death grows further and the serpent’s rule grows even stronger… and so the demand for more sacrifices increase again.

We can see this same dynamic in the bible, when the leader sacrifices his own son on the walls of the city – a very great abomination, a great sin, a great release of death – and the power released by this act was sufficient to drive the Israelites back…

And when the king of Moab saw that the battle was too sore for him, he took with him seven hundred men that drew swords, to break through even unto the king of Edom: but they could not.

Then he took his eldest son that should have reigned in his stead, and offered him for a burnt offering upon the wall. And there was great indignation against Israel: and they departed from him, and returned to their own land. – 2Ki 3:26-27

That abominable sacrifice of his own son turned the war around. The word “indignation” also can be translated “rage or strife”. Whatever it was that occurred, it was harsh enough to cause Israel to give up and go home.

As our sin continued to pile up in this world, the power of death grew all over this world.

The bible says that all people are held in bondage throughout their whole lives to the haunting fear of death.

Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity
so that by his death
he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil —
and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. – Heb 2:14-15

The bible says that the devil “has the power of death”. He uses it to reward some behaviors and he uses it to punish other behaviors. People are held in slavery by their fear of death.

The OT part of the bible also has many many scriptures that point to “Christ” who was to come and release the world from this power of sin and death. The main characteristic of this person is that He would be “the Lamb of God” Who takes away the sin of the world. He would come and bear all the death which is a consequence of that sin.

There is only one figure in human history, across any religion, which fits this description and that is Jesus Christ.

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