Let us pray for Syria

On Friday night I attended a worship event. During the second part of the worship – after the creative bits at the start which I didn’t know the words to – God’s Presence became very strong and I heard God speak to me about Syria and the need to pray about the country.

I kept quiet and didn’t say anything. I knew the prayer would work, because as anyone who read this blog knows… this blog proves utterly clearly that prayer works, because prayer is an expression of faith… and it is faith in Jesus Christ (on the cross and resurrected) which overcomes the evil of this world.

So I know for certain that prayer works, I also know that the world is stifling what God is offering. Why are they suppressing the good news? I don’t know and it boggles my mind. The very thing that can save you, you spurn and turn away from. The only thing that saved you in 2008 is still available but you reject it, hide it, suppress it, make sure the good news never gets out, prevent it from seeing the light of day. To your own devastating loss.

So… much later, after the teaching, I said to God that I thought that an organisation should be in place to do this and I thought that it should be a group thing and I thought about the world prayer center He has spoken to me about and my concerns about how people might be desiring an west-east (Russia/China) clash in order to stimulate economies and to give reason for the removal of even more freedoms.

And His reply was so simple and so in line with His nature: “there are people dying in the meantime“.

Violence in Syria killed at least 12 people on Sunday bringing the death toll since the start of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime to more than 14,100, a monitoring group said. Those killed since March last year comprised 9,862 civilians, 3,470 soldiers and 783 army deserters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. – Syria violence kills 12; revolt toll tops 14,100

At least 1.5 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance in Syria, aid agencies said yesterday – As refugees stream across the border, Jordan issues appeal for international assistance… The ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the only international aid agencies with access to many affected areas, have delivered aid to around 300,000-400,000 people since June last year. Kristalina Georgieva, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, said on Friday that “200,000-400,000″ people had been displaced internally. – The Independant

U.N. observers could smell the stench of burned corpses Friday and saw body parts scattered around a Syrian farming hamlet that was the site of a massacre this week in which nearly 80 men, women and children were reported slain. The scene held evidence of a “horrific crime,” a U.N. spokeswoman said. – Seattle PI

I can only guess what I thought He was indirectly saying… in other words… yes He would like it if people co-operated, but while He labours with them and while they drag their feet (perhaps because of theology and pride and greed and control) meanwhile there are real people are dying.

His statements to me are not usually long, but they always seem to settle the issue for me. “there are people dying in the meantime”. That settled it for me. So I immediately prayed on Friday night, and if you were at that meeting, you know that God was there and He was powerfully active.

Maath al-Shami, a Damascus resident and activist, said via Skype: “Yesterday was a turning point in the conflict.” – The Independant, written on Sunday 10 June (today)

God wants this conflict to end in order to save lives. I believe it will speedily end now. I pray that no country will take it upon themselves to escalate this conflict in order to claim they THEY ALONE brought peace to Syria. Your grand standing could easily result in escalation and unexpected consequences.

It is our violence and greed and desire to control that brings us into such terrible wars.

But we Christians, armed only with our faith (in Jesus Christ’s all sufficient sacrifice on the cross at Calvary), are the salt and light in this world.

Without God moving through us, without our faith (in Jesus Christ’s all sufficient sacrifice on the cross) this world would descend into the same darkness, sickness, barbarism, invasions, plagues, little ice age, ecological collapse, economic collapses and general mayhem of the dark ages.

In fact just reading through those symptoms of the dark ages, it sounds a lot like what we are going through now. What is needed is SUPPORT for prayer, SUPPORT for God’s plans, SUPPORT for faith… and the blocking and limiting to cease, because it is utterly counter-productive.

This building in Washington DC apparently cost $1.8 billion and let me tell you, despite the hugely ironic cross imagery in the center, it does not help world peace at all.


An interior view of one of the many new buildings, each roughly the size of the Pentagon, going up to house expansion of America’s intelligence agencies (official picture). Several house only computers, built near power plants because of their fantastic electricity usage. This is the new HQ of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, costing $1.8 billion. It will be the third largest building in Washington.  An interesting contrast with the cuts in capex of America’s already decrepit public infrastructure. – Fabius Maximus

$1.8 billion for that building, one of several new ones. But prayer and faith is free? And as you can see in this blog, prayer and faith have repeatedly done what trillions of $$$ in debt could not do.

Listen… prayer and faith in Jesus Christ… His complete work on the cross, His all sufficient sacrifice… is free.

These two things are the same contrast between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge (of good and evil). It is only the tree of life that brings life. The tree of knowledge of good and evil brings death.

And the LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground–trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. – Gen 2:9

I’ve given this warning so many times over the years but we seem to just career forward even faster than before. It’s as if the warning causes panic and the people redouble their efforts. This is illogical! I can only conclude that the warnings are being received and read and evaluated by people who don’t know Jesus Christ and who do not understand the work of the Holy Spirit… and as such they are blind… they parse the information incorrectly and come to the wrong assumptions and make the wrong decisions.

So what CAN we do?

Basically… admit to our frailty and repent. Do you know what repentance means? It means changing your mind and changing your behaviour, going in a new direction.

What new direction? Instead of opposing what Jesus Christ is doing, support what He is doing.

For example, I have written many times in this blog that God has plans for a world prayer center. A place where His Presence will manifestly dwell and where people can come to. He has even identified a place for it. It doesnt cost $1.8 billion. I’ve called for financial support on many occasions, but it just seems that people prefer to suppress and constrict and stifle and limit the good news.

This is the wrong approach! When will we learn the limits of our ability? All of our best efforts will never result in peace. We stumble from one war to the next to the next… and over time we become economically dependent on war. We not only poison ourselves, we actually become chronically dependent on the poison.

If your think tanks are not telling you that, then fire them! In fact, if your think tanks are not Christians, then your people are unable to comprehend the problem and the solution, they suffer from outside context problem (which I wrote about in Nov 2010).

Where are we heading?

The current trajectory according to Robert Grenier – a retired, 27-year veteran of the CIA’s Clandestine Service. He was Director of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center from 2004 to 2006 – is the following…

It has been said that the Roman Empire was forced to conquer the known world in self-defence. America’s counterterrorism policy has placed it on an analogous path. In the face of such domestic political fear, there is simply no countervailing power to stop it. – Al Jazeera

Rome and the entire empire collapsed… and given the chronic debt in today’s world that collapse will not take 300 years to happen.

According to no less than a previous Director of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center, you read it there, it is fear which is driving the US… and Im sure that in turn is causing fear in other massive countries too.

Right now we seem to be flirting with a west-east clash, global ecological collapse, global economic collapse and probably a few other things too. It is madness! Insanity! If you think tanks are not suggesting prayer and fasting and seeking the help of Jesus Christ, then you need to hire new people to staff your think tanks.

When will we learn? When will we ask for help from Jesus Christ? How far must we fall before we accept that there IS a problem and we CANNOT solve it by ourselves?

Yes I could be polite and keep quiet… but that has not helped so far, has it?

The one thing I know for certain is that just as God has decided to intervene and help the people of Syria, He is intervening to help the people on this planet. Just as He doesn’t want massacres and torture in Syria, He also doesn’t want this kind of thing elsewhere in the world. If you are a dictator, your time is coming to an end.

So what IS He doing?

He is a good God and He labours and tries to work with us, hoping we will turn and recognise our poverty and our desperate need for a Shepherd.

Here is a prophecy that I’ve been highlighting on this blog about once a year since I first published it in 2008. I didn’t write it, but year after year I return to it and agree with it: 10 keys that will be released.

So let me say this again… and I really dislike repeating myself… stop interfering, stop blocking, stop filtering, stop encircling, stop hiding and stop suppressing… because you are hurting yourself… you are suppressing the good news, you are blocking your own salvation, you are filtering out the very medicine that you need, you are interfering with in the good things that God wants to do on the Earth.

Would you like to intercede for peace in your country or in the world? All you need to do is get a map of the area you want to pray for and get this list of scriptures (or download the MS Word version) and speak each scripture out over the area you are praying for. It’s as easy as that.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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